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Prada Wallet Green

One was a madcap scientist character like Doc Brown in Back to the Future with crazy white hair, a lab coat and a string of off the wall inventions such as X ray specs and mind readingThe other was the contestants from Dragon's Den, sensibly pitching their solutions to life's problems while talking profit margins and projected sales figures.

with 79 year old inventor Geoff Baker.

A keen shooter, she came up with a special kind of holster which allows you to comfortably carry your gun while keeping your hands free.

Prada Wallet Green

Their reasons for attending vary, as do the level of success they've had with their inventions.

A retired aeronautical engineer, he seemed more interested in pottering round with his hobby of creating things rather than pursuing it as a serious business.

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Prada Wallet Green

A few of them had brought their inventions with them special hose pipe connectors, a new kind of spanner and rather alarmingly a shotgun holster complete with a gun to demonstrate how itThere was also a top secret project which one of the members wants to get advice on. It's so hush hush for fear of someone outside stealing the idea that I had to sign a form to say I won't talk

WHEN YOU'RE GOING TO MEET a group of inventors it's hard to know what to expect.

Prada Wallet Green

Prada Wallet Green

was even invited to appear on Dragon's Den last spring but decided against it at the last minute because she was concerned that her reception by the Dragons could damage the public perception

Geoff isn't so sure though for one thing, as he declared: "I'm almost 80 what would I do with the money?".

´╗┐Make me a million From Daily Echo

"I was really pleased people wanted Prada Wallet Green to buy something I'd designed."

When I arrived at the meeting I was both Prada Backpack Small

Prada Wallet Green

Brian Stickley's Talking Labels, which help blind people identify tins, tablets etc, have helped make his Talking Products company an international success. Tonight he was giving a talk about what

Kim Weiler, from Milton on Sea, who was wielding the shotgun, has also had a certain amount of success.

he's achieved so far, presumably to inspire the other, less successful, inventors gathered.

Prada Wallet Green

While Kim's invention is in the public domain, various veils of secrecy surround some of the other creations that were brought along tonight, with some of those involved hoping to make a mint.

But Ian is confident that the connector which would be used to connect pipes such as hoses and which I can confirm is extremely user friendly will be on the shelves world wide in six months to

Prada Wallet Green

about it to anyone else.

Her holster, known as the Scott Holster, has been doing well without the Dragons' help, though she said she's never going to make her fortune from it.

relieved and a little disappointed to find that the vast majority, if not all of, the 25 or so people gathered fell very much into the latter category.

Ian has high hopes that Geoff's pipe connector, which has patents pending in most major countries, will make them millionaires.

Prada Wallet Green

Kim started coming to the WRTI when she won membership and has found it very helpful.

Prada Wallet Green

These included Ian Moore, a retired doctor from Chilworth, who is working as an adviser to and partner Prada Purse Sale

Prada Wallet Green

of blood sports.

"I made it just to see if it would work," she said.

As I made my way to the monthly meeting of the Wessex Round Table of Inventors (WRTI) at Solent University, I had two clashing images in my mind.

Prada Wallet Green

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