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Prada Handbags 2016

Prada Handbags 2016

The exam is only a screening, not a diagnostic test, so there's little chance that a woman will come out of the exam room immediately with bad news. If a mammogram indicates the need for more tests, however, the woman will be notified within 48 hours.

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"I am very grateful people do go the extra mile in trying to get the word out. It probably has saved my life."

"If it weren't for this extra nudge then I probably would not have gone for a mammogram this year," Wallace said. "I can honestly say I don't know if I would have gone next year or when it would have been.

Vanderbilt had an employee day where it gave away lunch and jewelry to entice women to get an exam, but costs can prevent some medical institutions from being able to afford extra perks, Harris said. Still, Vanderbilt is always willing to book appointments for a group on Saturday.

Prada Handbags 2016

"In other places, you are alone waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. You wonder what if, what if, what if? When you are (at a party), you are relaxing, cutting up with friends and not worrying about it."

The idea is to inspire those who would ordinarily fear or evade the exam to gather with their girlfriends Prada Handbags 2016 in a laid back environment in interest of their health. This is especially relevantat a time when a government appointed task force has just called for women in their 40s to forgo the screening until later in life.

Prada Handbags 2016

For Premier, the idea of the mammography party originated as a way to promote Breast Cancer Awareness month. Hermitage hosted five parties that first month, and the feedback was so positive the center decided to extend the party offering to any time of year.

"I thought, 'Oh man, it's the weekend,' " she said. "It's after work, and you are just ready to go home. That's part of the reason I hadn't gone before. We know we are supposed to have our teeth cleaned and get our oil changed, but those things just aren't fun to do even though they are really important to do."

Wallace was doing more relaxing and less fretting at her October party. Though her sister died of a rare cancer at age 33, there was no history of breast cancer in the family. In fact, Wallace was so nonchalant about it she almost bailed on the party when she found out it was on a Friday night.

She was 35 and at a local hospital for her baseline screening when the infamous 1998 tornados approached Nashville's downtown. Her kids were at daycare, but she was already undressed, and for her safety the hospital wouldn't let her leave.

If that experience was off the charts bad, Hermitage Imaging's is the opposite end of the scale, Beard said. From the moment she walked in the door, there was a tranquil feel. She enjoyed Prada Handbags Blue

"I have had four children by natural childbirth, and I would rather have that done than what they did to me," she said. "It was extremely painful."

Parties lessen anxiety

other women.

By the time she entered the exam room she was stressed and the technician was hurried.

Prada Handbags 2016

Prada Handbags 2016

Prada Handbags 2016

Prada Handbags 2016

Prada Handbags 2016

chocolate dipped strawberries and "melt in your mouth" homemade cookies. The technicians were knowledgeable, she said, and the equipment had MammoPads, which provide a cushion during the exam to make it more comfortable.

Prada Handbags 2016

The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano in Texas combines screenings with makeup consultations, gourmet lunches and chair massages, according to a recent article by McClatchy Newspapers. Baylor Regional Medical Center in Grapevine, Texas, has Spa Saturdays, which include gifts such as manicure kits and pink umbrellas, the article said.

If she hadn't gone to the party after work last October, Connie Wallace might never have discovered the tumors.

Diane Harris, manager of the Vanderbilt Breast Center, said her previous employer Bowling Green Medical Center did something similar, booking church groups to come in on Saturday for exams. The women would support each other while they waited and afterward go for lunch and shopping.

Prada Handbags 2016

Then, as the evening wore on, she slipped into the doctor's office and out of her robe for a mammogram. You see, this wasn't just any party; it was a mammography party. A place where women gather for drinks, snacks, spa treatments and, yes, their yearly breast exams.

Although she was reluctant to go at first, the Friday night gathering had all the makings of a relaxing evening. So Wallace took advantage of it. She mingled with her co workers sipping a glass of wine and nibbling from the hors d'oeuvres tray. She enjoyed a chair massage, and chatted with the Prada Bag Canvas

In all, 45 women have been screened at a party, in addition to the several hundred "traditional mammograms" the company does each month, said party coordinator Stephanie Breiwa. Typically, party groups range between four and 12 women. The only cost to the individual is that of the mammogram, which is often covered by insurance.

At 44 years old, Wallace's first mammogram was at the Hermitage Imaging party on Oct. 23. Her screen that night indicated concern, and follow up exams revealed cancer. Now at home recovering from a bilateral mastectomy, Wallace knows that without the attractive environment of a mammography party, her tumors might have remained undiscovered for a long time.

the patients that are a little apprehensive, having this (party) atmosphere has a calming effect, and it does alleviate a lot of fears," she said. "It's almost like walking into a spa.

By Jessica Bliss, The Tennessean

If that is taken care of before attending a party then "there is no down side to it," Harris said. "We want to do whatever we can to get women in here. You never know whose life you might save."Patricia Beard's first mammogram was a "very bad experience."

Harris said it is important that if a woman goes to a new place for an exam, she should bring along past screenings from her former doctor so the new medical professional can compare pictures and look for changes or abnormalities.

Like Hermitage Imaging, hospitals across the country are finding ways to take some of the anxiety out of breast exams.

An extra nudge

´╗┐Mammogram parties can turn out to be lifesavers

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