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Handbag Prada Original

But before he got away, De la Fuente told the man he had a gun and would kill him if he called Prada Bags For Men

Court documents state that the Prada Glasses For Mens

"They drove in his own car out into an open field and they opened up a beer and he was drinking a beer when all of a sudden Mark got him around the neck, in a chokehold, while the other individual started beating him up," Lucio said.

Handbag Prada Original

Handbag Prada Original

But the man was reportedly able to escape the trunk.

"He said that when he woke up after being knocked unconscious he realized he was inside the trunk of his vehicle and that the vehicle was Handbag Prada Original traveling," Lucio said. "He had tried to pry open the trunk, but can't hardly do it from the inside."

Handbag Prada Original

Handbag Prada Original

During his time in the trunk, the victim offered investigators a disturbing detail.

Handbag Prada Original

"What he did, is he kicked out the backseat of the vehicle and he started fighting," Lucio said.

Lucio said the man escaped by kicking out the backseat and fighting with Mark Anthony De la Fuente, 23, who was arrested Monday afternoon and charged with aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping and theft of a motor vehicle.

Handbag Prada Original

During the fight in a vehicle that Lucio said was moving 60 to 65 mph the victim somehow ended up hanging on to the outside of the vehicle when Lucio said De la Fuente knocked him off the vehicle.

´╗┐Man escaped car after alleged assault

"He said that during the time he was in the trunk he heard the individuals talking about taking him to another field, killing him and then burning his vehicle," Lucio said.

Handbag Prada Original

Handbag Prada Original

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, Original Prada Bags Prices

The arrest warrant affidavit indicates that the victim began to feel suspicious of the men and said he had to leave before the assault began near Iowa Garden Road.

victim called De la Fuente to borrow $40 and when he went to pick up the cash, they were waiting for him with a carton of beer.

Handbag Prada Original

De la Fuente was in the backseat and "Josh" was driving the vehicle. When he got through the backseat he tried to exit through the passenger window as both men assaulted him in an attempt to keep him from leaving, according to the arrest warrant affidavit.

Handbag Prada Original

police, though the victim reported never seeing a gun, court documents show.

Handbag Prada Original

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