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Women Wallet Prada

Women Wallet Prada

"I was a little hesitant," Grabiec said of her initial reaction Prada Iphone 6 Case

and vintage Barbie Dolls along with items traditionally associated with pawn shops, he said he knew a show might have been presenting itself.

But part owners of the pawnshop Minda Grabiec and Nikki Ruehl said having multiple cameras and hot lights stationed all around their small Naperville store made the conflict into a crisis. Thursday in a new reality series on TLC titled "Pawn Queens."

The store was chosen, Executive Producer Jason Morgan said, because it is uniquely tailored to female clientele. No stranger to Naperville, Morgan first heard of the store and its woman focused business last October at his 20 year high school reunion at Naperville North High School.

Women Wallet Prada

Women Wallet Prada

Women Wallet Prada

Women Wallet Prada

Women Wallet Prada

"Everybody in the industry has been pitching pawn shop shows for six or seven years," he said. "But they were all very depressing, sketchy and edgy."

It was stressful enough when a $10,000 engagement ring went missing at Naperville Jewelry and Loan this summer.

Women Wallet Prada

Women Wallet Prada

´╗┐make TV debut Thursday

Women Wallet Prada

"The items that come in that store are interesting and fun," he said.

"We need a bigger profit margin if we are going to stay Women Wallet Prada afloat," Ruehl said, adding that times are challenging for those in the pawnshop business.

As for the fate of that $10,000 engagement ring that caused so much consternation in the shop and in the show that will soon hit the air waves, both Grabiec and Ruehl Prada Grey Wallet

Women Wallet Prada

But when Morgan got a tip from a fellow NNHS classmate about Naperville Jewelry and Loan's unique approach of buying and selling designer purses, Tiffany Jewelry Cosmetic Pouch Prada

Morgan said a decision on whether to order a full season of the show will not be made until after the premiere. But he said if a full season is on the horizon, filming will go on throughout the winter in Naperville.

said anyone curious will have to wait.

But the store's novel approach is helping to build business. Grabiec said about 40 percent of the stores customers are returning to do business, and its focus on women also helps to keep its inventory up.

to the idea, adding that she's always been a bit camera shy. But after discussing the idea with her business partners, they decided the publicity couldn't hurt business. The store is already planning a move to a new location down the street.

Morgan first approached the store about shooting the pilot in December of last year, and spent a few days in August chronicling the day to day operations for the two part pilot that airs this week.

Both Ruehl and Grabiec said they are curious to see how the show comes together when it premieres Thursday.

"It kind of cute, I guess my son is proud because he is obviously talking about it," Ruehl said, adding that her nine year old son's friends were prodding her for details on her new TV gig all last week.

"Sometimes in the more affluent neighborhoods, some of the women would be selling their Coach purses," Ruehl said. When the store was first starting out, she said many trips were made to large neighborhood garage sales in the western suburbs, including Hinsdale, Oak Brook and Naperville.

Women Wallet Prada

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