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Labour want parking charges to be scrapped for the next two years and be funded from council budgets for 2009 10 and 2010 2011.

the like.

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Meanwhile, Cllr Richard McCauley will be asking a question related to the new street parking scheme in the Council Chamber.

'Make St Helens town centre parking free' From St Helens Star

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pressed residents and shopkeepers facing up to the recession and the heavily criticised pay to park scheme that was introduced on roads surrounding

She believes the move would offer a boost to hard Pouch Prada

their money to places like Liverpool, Widnes and Warrington.

"We need Prada Bag Blogger

Prada Wallet With Bow

As reported in the Star, the Mayor of St Helens, Lib Dem Councillor John Beirne has launched a campaign urging people to support local shops during the economic slump.

Prada Wallet With Bow

a new offer to Prada Wallet With Bow entice residents into the town centre, free car parking is one such way but in addition we need the council to be coming up with a new offer for Prada Cahier Lion Bag

Cllr Rimmer said: "We are concerned that the current economic situation is having an adverse effect on our town's shops, and we must show leadership and encourage shoppers back into our town"The Lib Dem administration has introduced a new parking system where people are being booked left, right and centre, this is discouraging shoppers from coming into the centre and we are losing

the town centre in January.

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Council wishes to show strong leadership and to be on the side of our town centre shops. Therefore Council wishes to make free car parking provision at the following car parks; St Mary's Car Park

The Labour motion submitted to St Helens Council This Council is deeply concerned at the impact the economic downturn is having on our town centre shopping attraction.

Councillor Marie Rimmer, leader of St Helens Labour party, has submitted a motion calling on the Lib Dem led council to immediately cancel parking charges.

Council recognises the importance that the St Helens Local Enterprise Growth Initiative has on new and growing business within our town.

Prada Wallet With Bow

Prada Wallet With Bow

"We need a vibrant town centre with a bustling market and we have to be looking at what value added initiatives the council can do to encourage shoppers into the centre, such as farmers markets and

Prada Wallet With Bow

Prada Wallet With Bow

THE Labour party is calling for motorists to be allowed to use St Helens town centre car parks for free to help boost flagging trade for businesses and shopkeepers.

Prada Wallet With Bow


"Our message to residents and shop keepers is Labour's on your side and we want to do as much as possible to help encourage residents to shop local"

Prada Wallet With Bow

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