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Prada Wallet Price

"Over the next month or so, the headaches and general tiredness gradually subsided, then in February, 2012 I saw the consultant for my second outpatient appointment.

"Since my Prada Bags Online

´╗┐Make sure you spot the signs of viral meningitis

Sue Davie, chief executive of the Meningitis Trust and Meningitis UK said: "Our survey showed the true impact of viral meningitis, prompting us to take more action on behalf of all sufferers and their families.

Prada Wallet Price

Prada Wallet Price

Prada Wallet Price

"I was seen almost immediately and was given morphine while I was assessed.

"My temperature rose to 39.7 degrees and I developed an aversion to bright light."

"Viral meningitis is sometimes seen as a poor relation of bacterial meningitis but it has long lasting effects and people need to be able to spot the signs."

Prada Wallet Price

A recent survey carried out by the Meningitis Trust showed that 97 per cent of viral meningitis victims, estimated at 5,000 people a year, are left with debilitating after effects including exhaustion, headaches, memory loss, depression, anxiety and hearing Women Prada Wallet

"He was surprised that I was already back to work, and emphasised how seriously ill I had been.

Horsforth was suffering from a very high temperature, stiff neck and an aversion to light and was admitted to a Leeds hospital where he was diagnosed with viral meningitis.

Prada Wallet Price

"These have been checked by my GP, along with a visit to an audiologist, and I have been told that these after effects are really just something I have to live with now.

He was kept in hospital for one week.

But hours later, the grandfather of one from Prada Cahier Moon

With over 40 per cent of victims not receiving any information on the disease, the charity is using the findings to help it further improve the support it provides, educate health professionals and the public and empower victims.

when trevor Newsome had a headache he just put it down to a cold.

"When I arrived, the doctors told me to go straight to A at Leeds General Infirmary.

"I phoned my GP and he gave me a prescription for Migralieve but it did nothing, so I contacted NHS Direct who referred me to a local out of hours centre.

Prada Wallet Price

Prada Wallet Price

illness, I have experienced a residual problem with impaired hearing in my left ear, continuous tinnitus and a reduced core body temperature," he said.


Prada Wallet Price

Prada Wallet Price

Trevor added: "I was put in an isolation ward, and my consultant told me I had a particularly severe strain of the virus, but he reassured me that I would get better.

Prada Wallet Price

"The doctor also said if my temperature was so high that if it had been a tenth of a degree higher, my organs would start shutting down.

"The consultant told me I may have contracted the virus from my two year old granddaughter, who had been staying with us and who had a cold and runny nose at the time."

Trevor was transferred to St James University Hospital, where CT scans and a lumbar puncture Prada Wallet Price were carried out, which tested positive for viral meningitis.

"So we had all the windows open and fans everywhere even though it was November.

"Because viral meningitis is rarely life threatening, many sufferers feel that their illness is taken less seriously than bacterial meningitis. But over half of those who took part in our survey said the disease had caused them difficulty at work or in education and many felt that family, friends and health professionals or employers did not understand its full impact."

A year and a half since being rushed to hospital, Trevor still has to live with the after effects of viral meningitis.

"I couldn't sleep at all because of this horrendous headache. It really was horrible and relentless.

Prada Wallet Price

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