Prada Sunglasses Flower

Prada Sunglasses Flower

low vision, as some people with MS do. Use nightlights to ease the way from a dark hallway into a bright bathroom at night. Blinds or sheer curtains on windows can filter light from outside. Let lamps shine over your shoulder, from behind and the side, so they don't cast a shadow. Replace fluorescent light with incandescent bulbs if they cause glare.

Go WideDon't be narrow minded when planning space for a walker, wheelchair, or scooter. You'll want enough space to be able to move around freely. For wheelchair clearance, you'll need:

Get Rid of ClutterWhen you have multiple sclerosis, one way to make your Prada Sling Bags For Women

36 inches for outside doors32 inches for inside doorsTo widen doorways, it may be enough to simply replace standard door hinges with expandable offset ones. They give you a little more space. Or you could remove the door and even the doorframe. Rearrange furniture so you have wide paths and easy access to things like light switches and thermostats.

Prada Sunglasses Flower

Prada Sunglasses Flower

Can Do Multiple Sclerosis: "Top Ten Gizmos and Gadgets to Move You," "In the Kitchen With MS."

Set Up 'Work Centers'Create "work centers" where you can sit to do activities. Stock them with everything you need for that activity whether it's putting on makeup and styling your hair, chopping vegetables, or working at a computer.

Gather everything you need to prepare a meal ahead of time.

Multiple Sclerosis Society UK: "Home Adaptations."

Prada Sunglasses Flower

Houzz: "Bathroom Safety Features That Support Your Style."

life easier is to simplify things at home. Too many items on countertops, desks, and tables make it harder to find things. Clutter on the floor can be a tripping hazard. Look at what you have in each room. Do you really need it all? If not, clear it out.

Prada Sunglasses Flower

Get a Better GripIf you have trouble gripping or turning, replace round knobs with lever style handles. If you can't replace them, find a rubber grip online. With some models, you can open doors with just a finger. These handles slip on and off, so Prada Blue Backpack

Use High Contrast for Low VisionMS can hurt your vision. With a couple of rolls of tape and a little effort, you can make things easier to see:

Cut Glare to See BetterGlare and abrupt changes of light don't help when you have Prada Eyeglasses Mens

Stick With ItCan simple sticky fabrics like Velcro really make living with MS easier? Yes. Use them to fasten clothing and keep seat cushions from sliding; or to hang a cane on the wall or secure the remote so it doesn't get buried in sofa cushions. Literally stick pens and paper in strategic spots, so they're always handy. Lasso stray wires. The products come in many sizes and colors.

Prada Sunglasses Flower

they're good for travel. Some can be used on water faucets, too.

Stress Free Food PrepA little planning in the kitchen can save energy.

Rise to New Heights in the BathroomGetting up and down from the toilet is easier with a raised seat that fits over your regular one. Choose portable or permanent, with arms or without. "Grab bars" in the shower, tub, and near the toilet can smooth moving up and down. And they don't have to scream "hospital" anymore. Many new designs are more likely to say "spa." Newer built in and fold up shower benches are also more stylish.

Prada Sunglasses Flower

Prada Sunglasses Flower

Prada Sunglasses Flower

Get in the ZoneFigure out your "easy Prada Sunglasses Flower reach zone." If you're standing, it's between your knees and a few inches above your head. If you're in a wheelchair, it's between 15 and 51 inches from the ground. Put the things you use often, like keys or cleaning supplies, in that zone. Use hooks, hanging baskets, storage carts, and pegboards to keep things handy.

Prada Sunglasses Flower

Home Builders Remodelers Association of Greater Hartford: "The Ups and Downs of Ramps."

Get Rid of Tripping HazardsPlush, cushiony carpet may seem like a good idea if you're a little unsteady on your feet. But it can actually make it harder to walk and easier to fall. And keep the floor clear of anything that could get in your way.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society: "At Home With MS," "Affording Stair Lifts, Ramps, and Wheelchairs."

Walk SteadyIf you have problems with vision or balance, you may use furniture and walls to steady yourself when you walk. But furniture isn't always stable. Handrails in hallways and even in other rooms can be a big help. Like the newer bathroom grab bars, they can look stylish. Keep doors wide open or shut, so you don't grab onto one that may move.

Prada Sunglasses Flower

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´╗┐Make a Comfortable Home That Works for Your MS

The key is to place light against dark to create contrast and make things more visible. Tape can be very useful in this way, but your selection of tools can help you as well.

Stairs Made EasierStairs don't have to spell trouble if you have a sturdy banister to hold on to on each side. Fitted or temporary ramps are another option. Make sure a ramp doesn't rise more than 1 inch per foot, is 30 to 40 inches wide, and has handrails on both sides. A platform or electric chair lift is also an option if you don't have space for a ramp. Most health insurance companies (including Medicare and Medicaid) help with some of the cost.

Prada Sunglasses Flower

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