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A heated exchange, as is alleged to have happened between Prada Cahier Mini

I think its an unfair assessment to judge our municipal officials for the bad conduct of one councillor (Raven) who we have now sceen displays bad behaviour and bullies her collegues when they don't say or vote the way she wants. Why is it that she is permitted to do this?

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While Warden Diana Brothers' name is likely to be removed from an application for judicial review launched by Coun. Pauline Raven in Supreme Court, the fact the two women and the municipality were before a judge indicates just what state the Muncipality of Kings' government is in.

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Disagreements, critiques even heated debates are part of healthy and transparent decision making in a democratic government. What's happening on Cornwallis Street is neither healthy nor transparent.

The one mistake that was made is that what Raven did to MacQuarrie should have been public knowledge so that the public knows what Raven is really like. Now we know.

I disagree that a heated exchange is not troubling. I think it is, I think Raven is out of control and needs to follow the code of conduct, maybe have a lesson on how to act in public and how to treat people who do not have the same views as her.

The second concern is that not only have relationships at the county deteriorated to the point where there is a court action, it looks like someone wants to make mischief. It could be that the letter was sent out in order to cast a bad light on one of the parties involved.

"I feel we should move forward and that doesn't mean ignoring it, but it means focusing on how to make it better," she said.

The first is a code of conduct allegation seems to have been made, resolved and documented in secret, while others have been aired in open sessions. If some violations of the county's rules are not on the public record and others are, it is impossible for the public to assess the behaviour of their elected officials. Also, if a resolution of a code of conduct complaint was made in private, the spirit, if not the letter, of the Municipal Government Act may has been violated. While council is only legally required to come out of closed door meetings for recorded votes on motions, we think there is a moral responsibility to have any significant decision made in public even one without a vote such as an agreed upon resolution to a serious claim.

Events of last week suggest the environment at county headquarters is neither particularly healthy nor transparent. The day Raven's request for a judicial review was first heard by a judge, someone saw fit to send a copy of a letter she received to this news organization.

A 2010 operational review of Prada Sunglasses Blue Frame the county scolded the government for dysfunctional behaviour. In its wake, senior managers were let go and a code of conduct introduced. One of the clauses in the Prada Bag Flowers

code of conduct states: "Meetings shall provide an environment for transparent and healthy debate on matters requiring decision Prada Backpack


Prada Sunglasses Blue Frame

That is the sort of wisdom all of the council could benefit from.

As a watchdog for the public, a news organization has a responsibility to point out divisions that prevent the council from governing the county efficiently.

The letter documents a code of conduct violation claim against Raven apparently made and resolved Oct. 15 during an in camera committee of the whole session. Warden Brothers says the letter, which was sent to all councillors by email, is an in camera, or confidential, document.

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Prada Sunglasses Blue Frame

Prada Sunglasses Blue Frame

However, we agree with Van Rooyen that council needs to move on.

´╗┐Making mischief at the Municipality of Kings County

Coun. Emma Van Rooyen said last week dwelling on divisive behaviour could give it more power: "When we talk about (divisions), those divisions become deeper and more problematic."

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Prada Sunglasses Blue Frame

Raven and Coun. Kim MacQuarrie, followed by a complaint and an apology are not particularly extraordinary or troubling.

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