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Prada Sling Bag Price

Harsh? Yours truly chronicled more than 800 events at Candlestick, and there's not a nostalgic, remorseful bone in our body. Blow it up . like yesterday.

Sprained Thumb and Dumber Dept.: Apparently, Josh Hamilton didn't learn from Yasiel Puig across town about sliding into first.

Three home runs in a game by Ryan Braun, and home runs in four straight games by Melky Cabrera. It must be all that newfound clean living. Or perhaps something else newfound?

You don't suppose Auriemma is getting bored with this and would want to take a crack at coaching men, do you? Cal could provide him that opportunity, like today.

Our favorite Twitter reply to Tim Kawakami's report on Joe Lacob's interest in purchasing the A's: "Buy two, get one free? Raiders."

when Al ignored us.

That said, sweet zing from KNBR's Ray Woodson: "Umps reviewing umps calls. What could go wrong there?"

Prada Sling Bag Price

Prada Sling Bag Price

have a curse working on Bay Area right fielders? Hunter Pence's .145 looks downright beefy next to Josh Reddick's .103 (3 for 29, all singles, 13 strikeouts, one RBI).

Timofey Mozgov, the new Wilt Chamberlain. Who knew? He ripped down everything but the Tom Meschery banner.

How come every time the Warriors lose at home to a sub .500 team, the yowl is "worst loss of the season!" We'd still vote for Charlotte, Cleveland or New York. But yeah, this Denver one smelled pretty bad, too.

David Lee must have been smirking, "So you don't need me, eh?"

Of the first 47 managerial replay challenges, umpires were wrong Prada Sling Bag Price 16 times. That's roughly one out of three, or more than enough reason to keep the cameras on them.

The one group that probably doesn't want to see Lacob buying the A's: Bob Melvin's assistants.

Darting here and there . Mike Krukow nailed it at the end of the AT Park ceremony for the 'Stick on Thursday night: "And with that, we bid farewell to Richard Nixon's favorite ballpark!"

Prada Sling Bag Price

The Warriors will get in, of course. It won't matter whom they play, though, if they keep coughing up these horrible home games. They'll be out quickly in the first round.

Prada Sling Bag Price

And does someone Prada Vela Backpack

Coliseum without even informing the A's.

We enjoyed the Geno Auriemma Muffet McGraw battle of barbs better than the subsequent battle of women's unbeatens, wherein Muffet was so rudely handed her tuffet (yep, we know, we're probably the last ones in on that line).

Notable absentee from the festivities: former Giants owner Bob Lurie. Lurie loved Candlestick so much that he once tried to bolt to the Oakland Prada Nylon Bag Collection 2015

Congrats to Cubs manager Rick Renteria, who revived an grand old baseball tradition the other day getting ejected from a game. Thanks to replay, it was the first skipper toss in the majors this year.

Heading into Friday, only a scale could tell us whether Pablo Sandoval was hitting even half of his new weight (.132).

The 'Stick fete at AT was going to be notable for one thing: Both Roger Craigs were supposed to be there together. The 84 year old baseball Roger made it. Alas, the 53 year old football Roger called in sick at the last minute.

We've heard this nonsense will go on with concerts and such, maybe even one involving Paul McCartney. Don't make that mistake again, Paul, but if you do, make it 35 minutes long like the Beatles did in 1966 and let the demolitionists handle the encore.

Connecticut, the basketball state. Go figure. Doesn't seem right that such a dinky place should reap all the college hoops spoils.

Prada Sling Bag Price

Johnny Manziel turned up at the Raiders facility this week, but we missed getting an autographed photo. By the way, Reg, we take that guy if he's available. We once implored Calvin Johnson over JaMarcus Russell in this very space, and look what happened Prada Double Bags

Crazy Crab showed up on the AT field between innings and was blithely ignored. Not even a single D battery tossed his way, which tells you most of today's newbie Giants fans are oblivious to hard core Candlestick lore.

Prada Sling Bag Price

Prada Sling Bag Price

Prada Sling Bag Price

Prada Sling Bag Price

´╗┐making Candlestick a memory

Prada Sling Bag Price

Prada Sling Bag Price

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