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"I was having nightmares about literally spending my whole life in jail," Picard said in an interview on Tuesday. "When I got charged, I had no hope. My biggest fear was being in a jail cell and my mother or father dying."

Now, Picard said he's just interested in clearing his name and finding out who took the computer and put the images on it.

on to try to find out who the computer belonged to she instead found writings that talked about engaging in sexual activity with juvenile males and brought it to police, according to an affidavit.

Picard said some people he knows around town supported him, others still give him sidelong glances even though the charges were dropped.

"I told them it was my computer, they weren't my images," Picard said.

Prada Purse Sale

Prada Purse Sale

Nashua police Lt. Jeff Bukunt said the center has designated certain widespread series of photographs with names when the children depicted in them have been confirmed.

on May 17, a day before he was released from Valley Street jail on an unrelated charge. They said the computer the woman found was his and they found 600 images of child pornography and explicit writings on the Toshiba laptop.

Police arrested Picard Prada Bag White And Black

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Prada Purse Sale

Prada Purse Sale

The center identified the photos as coming from the "Jesse" and "Sabban" series. The victims are from Brazil, which is where the assaults occurred, according to the affidavit.

Prada Purse Sale

The images were sent to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which was able to identify the boys in some of the photos, according to the affidavit.

been a frequent flier in area police logs, and at Valley Street jail in Manchester, for years. He's been arrested for everything from vandalism, criminal trespass and resisting arrest to littering, vandalism and disorderly conduct.

Police looked deeper into the computer and determined it belonged to Picard and also found more than 600 images of juvenile males in various stages of undress and engaged in sexual acts with other children, plus some writings that allegedly describe his fantasies of sexually assaulting young boys, according to court documents.

A woman walking with her kids found the Toshiba laptop on a walking trail near Pine Hill Road on Feb. 23. When she turned it Prada Bag New

Prada Purse Sale

Prada Purse Sale

All of those charges were a result of binge drinking, Picard said, and throughout his lengthy record, there isn't a hint of sexual misconduct, particularly anything involving kids that is, until May 2010 when a woman found an abandoned laptop computer on the side of a city road.

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Picard said when he went to Valley Street jail on the unrelated charge, his case worker went to his apartment in a downtown rooming house to collect his things and the laptop wasn't there. When detectives arrived at the jail to talk to him and mentioned the laptop, he thought they were going to give it back to him.

One of the folders on the computer was titled "Warren Pickard's (sic) documents," according to court documents.

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"It wrecks you. It wears you down emotionally," he said. "It's putting your life on hold. It's hard."

´╗┐Man charged Prada Purse Sale over images of child porn

After a year of stress and nightmares and sidelong glances from people he knows, county prosecutors dropped the charges last month after a judge ruled that the police's search of the laptop was illegal.

"I've got nothing to hide," he said. "I want to know what happened. That's going to stay with me the rest of my life. I want to know who dumped that computer."

Picard was charged with a single Class A felony of possession of child sexual abuse images and was facing as much as 20 years in prison, according to police.

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Prada Purse Sale

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