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Game 4: Giants players, including Hunter Pence (8), throw sunflower seeds in Prada Bags Brown

Those chants were for Giants starting pitcher Barry Zito, not Bonds.

Broadcaster partner Tim McCarver: "When Barry Manilow was here at concerts."The Giants have won two National League pennants and a World Series since Bonds' departure. They have sold out every game since Oct. 1, 2010, a streak that surely will last at least another season .

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all time home run hitter, badly wants back in the game as a coach or instructor.

"Oh, it was great," Leyland told USA TODAY Sports. "We had a great time. We were laughing. He looks tremendous. He really looks good. I can't remember the last time I saw him, but he looks terrific and had that great big smile.

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TIM MCCARVER: World Series gaffe

Bonds, baseball's Prada Sunglasses 2017

When the crowd was chanting "Barry," Fox broadcaster Joe Buck said: "They used to say it for someone else around here."


Prada Pouch Wallet

Prada Pouch Wallet

"I'm glad he came."

Story HighlightsHe sits in stands while other Giants greats are honoredMeets up with former manager Jim Leyland before gameWants back in game as coach or instructor

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Prada Pouch Wallet

a raw, skinny outfielder who was drafted and developed by the Pirates and blossomed into the most feared slugger in the game, long before BALCO was in the headlines.

The Giants' huge center field scoreboard and TV cameras panned Prada Pouch Wallet fans throughout the ballpark throughout the night, even finding NFL Hall of Famer Joe Montana and hip hop artist MC Hammer together in a suite, but there was no sighting of Bonds.

SAN FRANCISCO They trotted out all of the San Francisco Giant legends.

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He wasn't invited to join the Giants Hall of Famers on the field to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. And he isn't scheduled to be part of any ceremony the rest of the World Series.

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But Commissioner Bud Selig, who has been in the same ballpark as Bonds just twice since the slugger broke Hank Aaron's home run record five years ago, would just as soon Bonds go away. Selig wasn't there the night of Bonds' historical feat and didn't bother to stop by and catch up on Wednesday.

Yet, perhaps the greatest Giant of them all, Barry Bonds, was sitting quietly and relatively unnoticed Wednesday night in section 119 at AT Park.

The only reminiscing was when Bonds snuck into the Detroit Tigers clubhouse before the game and visited with manager Jim Leyland and coaches for whom he played for in Pittsburgh from 1986 92. They talked about when Bonds was Prada Bag Man

Prada Pouch Wallet

It's as if Bonds, divorced and splitting time between Los Angeles and San Francisco, is already forgotten. There are no signs at AT Park, no banners, no evidence he ever existed.

Prada Pouch Wallet

They screamed his name, over and over, "Barry! Barry! Barry!"

And, just as quietly, Bonds departed.

´╗┐makes secret Series visit

the air to celebrate their World Series sweep. The Giants beat the Tigers 4 3 in 10 innings at Comerica Park. Darr Beiser, USA TODAY Sports" (Photo: H. Darr Beiser, USA TODAY Sports)

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