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Hicks Morley to see where to go next and where the liabilities could lie. The board was looking to meet with Mr. Christie this month.

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´╗┐Man dies in Port Hope police cell

the Northumberland County study on countywide policing study was in progress.

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officers and one witness officer have been designated as part of the investigation to assist in determining the circumstances and sequences of events surrounding the death.

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"Our job is to determine the sequence of events and circumstances surrounding his death," Mr. Yoannou said Wednesday.

On Thursday, the Port Hope Police Service issued a daily incident report for the

Wednesday, Mr. Thompson was found with vital signs absent and pronounced dead by the local coroner.

The manual goes on to state, under the heading Police Service Guidelines Procedure, that every Prada Bags Clutch

Mr. Thompson was a former sports reporter with theCobourg Daily Star.

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The SIU has assigned two field investigators and two forensic investigators to this case. Three officers two subject Prada Bags Sling

On Thursday, the SIU issued a request for public assistance in its investigation. Anyone who may have Prada Nylon Wallet been with Mr. Thompson prior to his being discovered at about 12:20 a. m. August 20, or who may have any information about this matter, is asked to contact the SIU at 1 800 787 8529 or 416 641 1867.

The cells at the Port Hope Police Station were cited as a particular problem in a July 2, 2008 memo from Port Hope Police Chief Ron Hoath to the Port Hope Police Services Board.

There would be "extreme liability in the event of cell death," Chief Hoath's memo said.

previous 24 hours that stated "there were no calls of particular interest" between 5 a. m. Wednesday and 5 a. m. Thursday. Earlier Wednesday, Port Hope Police Chief Ron Hoath confirmed the death but said all information was to come through the SIU.

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A provincial audit in 2003 listed standards violations in the Port Hope Police Service's building that raised liability issues.

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Chief Hoath had pointed out that proposals for a new police building went to council before the last election, but were put aside. Another request was sent after the election, and council would not proceed because

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The chair of the police services board, Port Hope Deputy Mayor Prada Tote Nylon

Chief Hoath requested a written disclaimer from Port Hope council "absolving members of the board, chief of police, and all members of the police services from any liability which may arise (as a result of) deficiencies in the building."

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Jeff Lees, said at the July 2008 police services board meeting that many smaller municipalities are feeling the pressure of meeting provincial adequacy standards.

Port Hope resident Darryl Thompson, 36, was found dead in the Port Hope Police Station around 11 a. m. m. Wednesday, August 20, a woman walking her dog discovered a man apparently unconscious on the sidewalk in front of a residence at 76 Cavan St. in Port Hope. The man, identified as Mr. Thompson, was arrested "without incident" for public intoxication and

The Policing Standards Manual (2000) states: "Section 29 of the Adequacy Standards Regulation requires a police services board to have a policy on prisoner care and control. In addition, section 13(1)(l) requires the Chief of Police to establish procedures and processes in respect of prisoner care and control."

The investigation was immediately handed over to the SIU.

In July 2008, the Port Hope Police Services Board agreed to take the chief's recommendations and meet with board lawyer Glenn Christie of the law firm

taken to the Port Hope Police Station. During a subsequent check of the cells at 11 a. m.

police service's procedures and processes should "require that the officer in charge/supervisor or designate ensure the performing and recording of regular prisoner visual and physical security checks."

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