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The defendant, James Briscoe, 44, of Elkton, pleaded guilty to second degree assault, which relates to him slamming a female Prada Glasses Price

Elkton Police Department officers, whom school staff are able to reach at all times during school days by handheld radios, captured Briscoe near the school about a minute later, prosecutors noted.

School officials declared a "code red," meaning all exterior doors were locked and children were locked in their classrooms with teachers.

"He's a drug addict. He's stumbling around in a fog," Klenk told the judge at that hearing, explaining how Briscoe wound up on that playground. "He isn't directing any attention toward the children. on June 4, prompting teachers to order him to leave. Briscoe ignored those orders, however, court records show.

The plea deal precluded Briscoe from making a formal defense in the context of a trial. on June 4, while two fourth grade classes were having recess under the supervision of their teachers.

"Society's making me look like a monster," Briscoe contended while addressing the judge from the defense table during that proceeding. "It's not even true. I Prada Sunglasses Ss18

After continuing forward, Briscoe ran through a crowd of school children knocking at least four Prada Nylon Shoulder Bag students to the ground and then forced his way into the school, prosecutors said. After entering the building, prosecutors added, Briscoe pushed the female teacher against the wall before the principal and vice principal repeatedly ordered Briscoe to leave, commands he ignored.

teacher against a wall after forcing his way into the school, prosecutors reported.

Briscoe, who has been held in the Cecil County Detention Center in lieu of $100,000 bond since his June arrest, will serve his four year sentence in a Maryland Department of Corrections prison.

Seconds earlier, with the school already under a "code red" amid the playground pandemonium, that teacher had been holding the door open to allow fleeing faculty members and pupils to enter the building, prosecutors said. After she had shut the door, prosecutors added, Briscoe forced it open and pushed her against the wall before the principal and vice principal intervened and eventually were able to convince him to leave the building.

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Moreover, according to Briscoe and his assistant public defender, his judgment was skewered at the time because he was under the influence of an unspecified type of drug.

Preventing those children from having to testify during a courtroom trial was one of the considerations in the plea deal offered by the state, Trostle reported.

Briscoe, who was living at nearby Reed Hartnett Street in the Holly Hall development, contended that the frenzied reaction of teachers, who hurried to corral Prada Clutch Sale

´╗┐man accused of knocking down students on school playground sentenced to 4 years

In addition to EPD officers, prosecutors had planned to call HHES teachers and even students who witnessed the playground incident as state witnesses during the trial, which was expected to last two days.

Prada Nylon Shoulder Bag

"Having interviewed everyone involved, on behalf of the State's Attorney and the entire staff, I must say that the teachers and the administrators at that elementary school did a phenomenal job of protecting themselves and the children in what could have resulted in a much worse scenario if they hadn't acted quickly and professionally. The responding Elkton police officers also must be complimented for their rapid response and ability to effect an almost immediate arrest when they arrived," Trostle said.

"We consulted with the school principal and parents, and carefully considered the inherent danger in what Mr. Briscoe did and the long lasting trauma it caused, while weighing it against the additional trauma it might cause the young victims to have to testify at trial with Mr. Briscoe sitting 20 feet away from them. With those circumstances in mind, we are all satisfied with the disposition," Trostle explained Wednesday afternoon.

Cecil County Circuit Court Judge Jane Cairns Murray imposed a four year sentence on Briscoe for the second degree assault conviction and a concurrent six month sentence for disturbing school activities, a related charge to which Briscoe also pleaded guilty as part of the plea deal reached by Assistant State's Attorney Steven L. Trostle and Briscoe's assistant public defender, Thomas L. Klenk.

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Prada Nylon Shoulder Bag

During the incident, which started on the playground, teachers gathered children into classrooms or ran with them a couple of hundred feet to the Elkton Care and Rehab Center, according to prosecutors

Prada Nylon Shoulder Bag

Prada Nylon Shoulder Bag

As part of the plea agreement, prosecutors dropped 11 related charges against Briscoe, including multiple counts of second degree assault.

Then the vice principal pushed Briscoe out the door and closed it and, a minute later, responding EPD officers apprehended Briscoe, prosecutors noted.

students from the playground after he arrived, resulted in him unintentionally making contact with pupils and teachers.

Briscoe accepted the plea deal on the day his trial was scheduled to start. He had indicated that he wanted to accept the plea deal, then withdrew and later decided to accept it after all.

didn't touch anybody. The only mistake I made was wandering onto that playground."

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Prada Nylon Shoulder Bag

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