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Prada Nylon Saffiano Bag

exploitation of women and foul language.

Prada Nylon Saffiano Bag

"We can let parents know about the content of the game," he said.

The group recommends parents should be involved with the video game purchase and even playing the games with your child. Ginn said offering to play a game with your child may prevent the child from wanting to purchase the game because he or she may not want the parent to know what the content is.

It's also easy to learn about a game's content before you even walk into a store. There are various sources online, including Plugged In, that review all popular games. On this site you can find a game's rating and a descriptive review of the game and its content from a family perspective.

Prada Nylon Saffiano Bag

Ginn mentioned another source, a magazine called Game Informer that offers reviews and commentary about the latest trends.

Prada Nylon Saffiano Bag

"Parental monitoring is a key factor, Prada Nylon Saffiano Bag since the research studies show that increasing guidance from parents is at least as important as simply reducing media violence," the organization stated.

So if children are exposed to inappropriate content, including violence, a parent's involvement can counterbalance these effects by helping a child sort out these influences and determine what is appropriate behavior.

Prada Nylon Saffiano Bag

The rating system that finally stuck in the late 1990s was designed by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, a board Ginn said Game Stop officials were part of. These ratings now are plainly marked on the front and back of video games along with descriptors such as "fantasy violence," "comic mischief," "mild language," "animated blood" or "nudity."

The video game ratings can be compared to motion picture ratings and are designed to be informative to the purchaser. Ginn noted that the ratings should be taken seriously because there are games that parents may find offensive, including blood and gore and nudity.

Staying informed and up to date is important if you have a video game lover in your home. Johann Ginn, manager of the Game Stop off Highway 351 in Abilene, said he sees parents often come in his store not knowing anything about the rating system of video games. He noted that the rating system is there to help people determine what's appropriate for the person who will be playing the game.

Prada Nylon Saffiano Bag

The agency states on its website that research on the effects of video games on children has shown that overexposure to violence may lead children to become numb to the horror of violence. The organization also states that children may imitate the violence they see and show more aggressive behavior with greater exposure to violence. Department of Education's Office of Educational Research suggests that parental involvement is important to combat these effects.

Making sure your child is not exposed to gratuitous violence and sexual content in video games can be a daunting parenthood task. But if you stay informed and involved with your child, it may not be as difficult as you think.

Prada Nylon Saffiano Bag

Prada Nylon Saffiano Bag

Prada Nylon Saffiano Bag

become the controller. Games also can be educational. However, the psychiatry group points out that some popular video games promote activities such as killing people and animals, drug and alcohol use, criminal behavior and disrespect of law enforcement, sexual Prada Wallet Bow

´╗┐Making a video game plan

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry recommends not only staying informed as a parent but staying involved when it comes to video games. This is because of the possible negative effects on children that are associated with video games.

content and playing time.

Other suggestions are setting clear rules for playing video games inside and outside your home, which include boundaries about game Prada Nylon Bag With Sling

Just like with R rated movies, Ginn said stores are not to allow children under 17 or 18 to purchase games labeled mature or adult only. He said his store enforces that policy.

There are many other similar sources on the Internet and on magazine shelves in stores.

If you don't have a clue when it comes to video games and your child drags you to a video game store, Ginn says don't be afraid to ask questions.

Prada Nylon Saffiano Bag

Video games can be a fun family activity, especially with interactive systems now available like the Nintendo Wii or Microsoft's Kinect, where the players Prada Bag Authentic

He pointed out that he tries to keep his employees informed about the newest games and they all understand the rating system.

Prada Nylon Saffiano Bag

Prada Nylon Saffiano Bag

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