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Prada Handbags Dubai

Grant told Judge William Lyons he has been doing well since getting out of jail and is working two jobs. He said he couldn afford $15,000 and asked for $5,000 cash/surety or personal recognizance bail.

Prada Handbags Dubai

Man accused of grabbing steering wheel of moving car

He accused of grabbing the wheel of a car being driven by his female companion and turning it sharply to the right, causing the car to crash into a parked vehicle.

A man who was granted an emergency furlough when Prada Red Handbag

Accused of pulling brother hair

The driver told police she had tossed her daughter cell phone, which she said wasn working, out of the car window while she was driving on Hanover Street. She said Grant, who was sitting in the passenger seat behind her, told her it was his phone and wanted to know why she had tossed it. She said the two spoke about the matter, but did not argue. She said Grant grabbed the wheel, while she was traveling at about 30 mph, and twisted it to the right, causing the crash.

A probable cause hearing on the felonies was set for Jan. 13, 2014, and trial on the misdemeanors was set for Jan. 29, 2014.

Police said that although Adam Higgins, 25, of 513 Battle St., was barred by bail conditions on an earlier charge from going to Home Depot, 129 March Ave., he went there and attempted to steal items. Higgins is also accused of having cocaine in his possession.

Green is accused of telling his father he was going to hurt a woman, described as his father roommate, and then going to the woman residence and grabbing her around the neck.

Prada Handbags Dubai

Styfus Green, 20, of 354 Dubuque St., was arraigned Monday in Circuit Court Manchester District Division on misdemeanor charges of simple assault and criminal threatening.

Prada Handbags Dubai

A Fremont man pleaded innocent Monday in Circuit Court Manchester District Division to charges of simple assault and criminal mischief. Brian Gray, 26, of 25 James Road, is accused of pulling hair out of his brother head while his brother was trying to get Gray out of his Ash Street apartment Saturday.

his mother died was arraigned Monday in Circuit Court Manchester District Division on a felony escape charge.

But Lyons, citing Grant criminal history, which includes drug convictions and falsifying physical evidence in 2009 and 2012, set bail at $10,000 cash/surety. Conditions include no contact with the driver or the two juveniles.

Prada Handbags Dubai

Victim is father friend

Prada Handbags Dubai

MANCHESTER Gregory Grant, 46, of 35 Log St., Monday asked a Circuit Court Manchester District Division judge for personal recognizance bail.

caused injury to the driver, her 16 year old daughter and her 11 year old niece, who were passengers.

Because Higgins was out on bail when he allegedly committed new crimes, police prosecutors filed a motion to revoke his bail and have him held until trial. A probable cause hearing on the new felonies was set for Jan. 13, 2014. Trial on the new trespass charge was set for Jan. 29, 2014.

Court documents show Gray brother told police Gray was intoxicated and urinated on the kitchen floor. The brother said Gray refused to leave and it was while he was being escorted out of the apartment that Gray grabbed his brother by the hair and pulled some of it out. Gray also allegedly punched the glass in an apartment door, breaking it.

A police prosecutor requested $3,000 cash/surety bail for Green, who has previous convictions for breach of bail, drug possession, resisting arrest and assault, and is Prada Nylon Chain Bag

under the umbrella of a suspended sentence. Bail conditions bar contact with the alleged victim and bar him from her residence.

Judge Gregory Michael had granted the furlough to Warren Picard, 51, who lists the homeless shelter as his address. Picard had previously listed his mother residence in Nashua.

Prada Handbags Dubai

A police prosecutor had requested $15,000 cash/surety bail for Grant, who was arraigned on three felony reckless conduct charges and two misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a child.

Police prosecutor Carrissa Pelletier, noting Picard has a 42 page criminal record dating back to 1986, requested $5,000 cash/surety bail. Pelletier said Picard recently waived a probable cause hearing on a theft charge.

Prada Handbags Dubai

Facing felony escape charge

Prada Handbags Dubai

Trial was set for Jan. 29, 2014.

Green wanted a court appointed lawyer to represent him, but hadn filled it out completely. He told Judge William Lyons: gotta get my medication. Lyons said he could complete the application later.

Prada Handbags Dubai

According to court documents, police said Gray had visible lacerations on his right hand when he was located. Gray said he punched the door, but didn think he had damaged it.

Prada Handbags Dubai

Bail was continued at $1,000 personal recognizance, with conditions that include no contact with his brother and not going to the Ash Street address. Trial was set for Feb. 5, 2014. He is also charged with criminal trespass .

Police said the crash caused extensive Prada Handbags Dubai damage to both vehicles and Prada Nylon Shopping Bag

Prada Handbags Dubai

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