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Fowlow is pleased with the craftsmanship of his boat. He is especially proud that it was built using traditional methods.

Mr. Fowlow is a fisherman by trade. He doesn't use his traditional Newfoundland boat for work. This boat is his labour of love and tribute to the old ways of fishing.

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"It's a crime how our heritage is going down," said Mr. Fowlow as he stood aboard his boat. Three years ago he decided to do something about that downfall after he heard someone in Isle aux Morts was selling a working make and break engine.

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"Some said to me, 'You should fibreglass it,'" said Mr. Fowlow. "But if you fibreglass it you're taking away the tradition of the boat."

"The Newfoundland boat has timbers into her sawed timbers," he said, pointing to the elbow shaped fasteners running along the inside of his boat. He explained how the boat builder would find bent tree roots and hand cut each one to Prada Travel Bag

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The engine sits towards the rear of the boat. The five horsepower Atlantic is painted red.

"You can tell an Atlantic by the design of the hearts in the flywheel," said Mr. Fowlow.

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Prada Glasses

Prada Glasses

To get that, he went all the way to Winterton, and the Wooden Boat Museum.

He struck a deal, buying the engine and the boat it was installed in. But for him, the boat wasn't the right style. He wanted a traditional Newfoundland boat.

This brings back a lot of memories for me. I remember going fishing with my father in these boats, nothing better than laying down on the cuddy as we would go out to the fishing grounds. Daylight would break as you got there but the best part was the sound of that make and break engine. The biggest thrill of a young boys life is when he let me start it for the first time.

Mr. Fowlow's boat has a sail, but he seems to prefer just putting about the harbour.

"It's not a thing you're going to use for fishing anymore," he said. "It's part of your heritage. If you don't keep it up it's going to go away the younger ones won't even know. I've had my grandson and his friends come aboard and they say 'what is that?' I tell them that's what we used in my grandfather's time."

He said traditionally, the motor was there for fishermen when they needed it, but often they would rig up their sails to save on gas and possibly go a bit faster.

I currently live in Ontario, however every time I go home and travel around our Prada Glasses beautiful island, I look for those boats. It is one of my hopes to come home and have a traditional Newfoundland boat with a Atlantic or Acadia motor. I am proud that people are keeping the traditions of Newfoundland alive.

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"That's a shape that's been in Winterton for 150 to 200 years," he said.

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The big metal flyweel has a wooden peg sticking out of it so Mr. Fowlow can put Latest Prada Bags

Although they're not fast, Mr. Fowlow said the make and break is powerful and efficient. He figures he can get three times the distance of an outboard motor, even with a full load.

"You gotta be pretty careful with those mototrs they can break your arm or your leg pretty fast because of the flywheel," he said.

Jerome Canning, master boat builder at the Winterton Boat Museum, said the boat Mr. Fowlow purchased was a traditional Winterton motor punt built by students.

"You can fill this full of rocks, if you will, and it will not go any faster, and it will not go any slower. Take an outboard motor fill it full of traps and you'd lose your speed by 50 per cent. This is power, power. It's a chunk of steel."

´╗┐Make and break harbour

He said there were about 15 different brands of make and break one could buy. He said another common type was the Acadia. He hopes to get one of those to put in another boat as his next project.

He said the style goes back to southwest England and southeast Ireland. Although Mr. Canning didn't have a hand in building Mr. Fowlow's boat, he said it was likely built with black spruce and juniper.

it in position to fire. Once in the right position, hooking it up to a 12 volt battery causes the engine to fire and start. He burns mixed gas in the make and break.

Prada Glasses

Prada Glasses

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