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´╗┐Man fired while wrongfully jailed part of suit against county

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On March 25, 2008, the judge ruled the Aguilar who was arrested in Moorpark wasn't the correct defendant and ordered he be released. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had an immigration hold on him.

Rather than dismissing Wiley as a defendant in the Smith case, Commissioner William Redmond dismissed the arrest warrants because they were minor crimes and were more than 10 years old.

By the time the Prada Eyeglasses Red mistake was cleared up, Velasquez had lost his job as a forklift driver.

"If your last name is John Smith or Jose Gonzalez, you're in danger of spending a few days in jail because the sheriff's department doesn't do its job to check on these warrants," Vogel said.

Vogel said his client is now fighting deportation proceedings. Vogel said Miguel Aguilar has legal residency status.

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Vogel said the Ventura County jail has all the technological tools necessary to verify a person's identity.

Wiley told Los Angeles jailers that he wasn't Smith and had never been to Ventura. It didn't work. Ventura County Sheriff's Department deputies went to Los Angeles and picked him up. Wiley spent eight days in the Ventura County jail and never went to court. When the mistake was discovered, Wiley was released and given a bus ticket back to Los Angeles.

when two detectives from Los Angeles County came to transport him to the Van Nuys jail for the warrants, that his true identity was realized. Detectives there compared Velasquez's likeness to Gonzalez's booking photo and concluded Ventura County had given them the wrong person.

But Duran Solis, who has a mental impairment, went to court and admitted a violation of probation. He was given credit for two days he had already served and released. The next day, he was brought back to court after the error was discovered by the Public Defender's Office. He was later found Prada Double Bag Blue

For Velasquez, it began when Port Hueneme police were summoned to his home last year, where they gave him a citation for allegedly violating a restraining order, Vogel said. While they were there, police ran a computer check on Velasquez and discovered the two arrest warrants from Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties, according to Velasquez.

On March 16, 2008, Miguel Aguilar was arrested in Moorpark on an outstanding warrant for a man who shared his name and date of birth. The officer also charged Aguilar with being under the influence. Two days later, there was no complaint filed against him by the officer for the under the influence charge. The judge ordered that he be released. Aguilar, however, was transported to the Los Angeles County jail in Compton on a warrant for a crime that the other Miguel Aguilar committed.

factually innocent.

Attorney Jeffrey Held, with the Law Offices of Alan Wisotsky, which is representing the county and the sheriff's department in the case, said he "thoroughly disagrees" with Vogel's comments about an atmosphere of indifference in the jail.

Pentis said officers often are given fake names and bogus stories by those who want to avoid going to jail. Sorting out their true identities can be a difficult task, he said.

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he was told he was wanted on a warrant for Smith out of Ventura County.

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Velasquez was arrested last year on two warrants issued by Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties for the man who had been impersonating him Arturo Perez Gonzalez, Velasquez's ex wife's boyfriend. Velasquez said Gonzalez has a rose and dagger tattoo and is missing his front teeth.

Assistant Sheriff Gary Pentis said Vogel is "posturing" on behalf of his clients. He admitted, however, that deputies working in the jail made a mistake by not comparing Gonzalez's booking photograph with Velasquez's appearance.

David Wiley, of Los Angeles, was listed as having an alias of Ronald Smith. Wiley was arrested in Los Angeles and while in jail, Prada Wallet Zip Around

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Pentis said the mistake should have been caught before Velasquez was transferred to Los Angeles. He said mistakes like this happen at the jail and "we need to do everything to stop it."

This year, Wiley served a prison term for possession for sale of marijuana. On the day of his release from prison, he was transported to Ventura County on the same two warrants for Ronald Smith. Once again, Wiley insisted he wasn't Smith.

A case of mistaken identity landed a Port Hueneme man in the Ventura County jail for nine days last year, despite his repeated protests to a number of officers and a judge that they had the wrong man.

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Attorney Brian Vogel is handling three other cases involving people being jailed in Ventura County based on mistaken identity.

Velasquez is now the lead plaintiff in a federal class action lawsuit filed in December against the county. Velasquez's lawyer, Brian Vogel, said there are as many as 10 plaintiffs whose cases are being reviewed and will be named later. The suit alleges their constitutional rights were violated and they were falsely imprisoned.

His lawsuit names as defendants the county, sheriff's department, Brooks and other unnamed county employees, including booking officers, supervisors, managers and jail commanders.

"This is not rocket science, and they have the means to figure this out quickly and effectively," Vogel said. "Unfortunately, our jurisdiction chooses not to do so."

Charles Velasquez, 28, was a victim of identity theft by a man who already had been convicted in Ventura County in 2009 for falsely impersonating him and sentenced to prison.

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But despite his protests to everyone at the Ventura County jail that they had the wrong man, no one double checked his identity. It wasn't until nine days after his arrest, Prada Eyeglasses Price

But Velasquez's protests went nowhere. Velasquez said he remained in custody for nine days, including Easter weekend, despite his protests to at least 10 deputies and other people in the jail, as well as a judge.

"I've got all my teeth," Velasquez said, and he does not have such a tattoo.

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He protested, saying it wasn't him who was wanted by police, but Gonzalez. Velasquez said Gonzalez, who was no stranger to the criminal justice system, had stolen his identification and impersonated him.

He said there was a "culture of indifference to true claims of innocence" in former Sheriff Bob Brooks' administration.

Javier Duran Solis was arrested March 3, 2010, on an arrest warrant for Javier Gonzalez Solis on probation violation. In 1993, Gonzalez Solis was arrested by the Oxnard Police Department for indecent exposure. Duran Solis has a similar name and birth year as Gonzalez Solis. He told officers who arrested him that he wasn't Gonzalez Solis.

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