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"We did everything we could," Pasinella said.

The pair recalled how upset Dobert had been since his ex girlfriend, Emma Brenenstuhl, was killed in a car accident on Route 40 on April 8. Now, Dobert's gone, too.

Jackson said that the last fatality at the site was a decade ago, and only remembers one injury there in recent years.

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Jennifer Carlo works at the Mobil station with the electronic memorial, and saw Dobert regularly. after he got off work.

Schaghticoke Fire Chief Michael Jackson said he had heard that there were anywhere from 20 to 50 people partying in the area that night.

"They had a bonfire going less than 10 feet from the edge of the cliff," Jackson said. "It don't make sense."

Melrose's assistant fire chief, Jim Henderson, dove into the river after Dobert, clothes and all, and pulled him out, then swam to a small island to perform CPR.

Pasinella said first responders were able to get some men down to where Dobert was located within about 20 minutes, but added that rescue Prada Double Bag Blue crews had a tough time getting in and out of the area because of its rough terrain. Jackson said they used ropes, ladders and ATVs to maneuver up and down steep, rocky Prada Bag Small Size

´╗┐Man drowns in latest Schaghticoke death

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The site where Dobert died is a popular hangout and party spot that kids call "The Star," Pasinella said. He drove by the site Sunday afternoon to see dozens of people swimming and diving off the cliff.

"We had to walk along a tree limb to get to the other side over raging rapids," Pasinella said. "It was Prada Sunglasses Square

Prada Double Bag Blue

"Nothing could bring him down," she continued. "Aaron was his own person. He came and go as he pleased, he did what Aaron wanted to do. He wasn't somebody who was easy to tell what to do."

"First responders are taking a beating," Pasinella said, echoing statements made after the deaths of Ronald Marbot and his 8 month old son in Pittstown on April 21. "Constantly dealing with dead kids has taken its toll."

Aaron Dobert's name was added to that list after he died early Sunday morning when he fell from a cliff near Main Street into the Hoosic River. According to Melrose Fire Chief Dominic Pasinella, the 24 year old Schaghticoke resident had been partying with a group of friends in a wooded area when he reportedly slipped over the nearby edge.

pretty crazy and labor intense."

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"He was a pretty cool guy to hang out with," added Mark Delude.

"Rest in Peace Our Angels," reads the scrolling text, and then comes the list of names: "Kevin Emma Aaron Timmy Josh Alex Zach."

"I'm surprised we don't get more calls," he said.

"(It's) pretty crappy," Beaulac said of losing so many of his peers. "Everybody who died around here, I knew most of the kids, like Tim Gifford and all them."

Both Jackson and Pasinella expressed concern about the constant stream of deaths of young people from town.

"Kids are always down there," he said. "They do what they do. They have no fear."

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With cold water emergencies, Pasinella said, there's more of a chance for survival because the temperature preserves the body. Still, Henderson's efforts were unsuccessful.

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Two young men riding bikes nearby also recalled their friend.

"It's just a real shocker," he added.

SCHAGHTICOKE The electronic readout on the cash register of the Mobil on Main Street is Prada Bags Design

a sobering reminder of the loss this small community has felt in the last eleven months.

"We've been hit pretty bad in this area," Jackson said.

"He was a nice, generous person, real funny, loved riding his bike around," said Bo Beaulac. "Me and him always rode bikes around."

State Police say the autopsy report shows Dobert drowned.

slopes in complete darkness.

Though she didn't know him beyond his visits to the store in the four years since she's worked there, Carlo said Dobert was "a good kid."

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