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Prada Crossbody With Chain

Court documents show a surveillance video and other people in the store supported the clerk's story.

Michael said he would set bail at $2,000 personal recognizance, with conditions that include "absolutely no contact with (the victim)."

Attorney Raimo said Rocha needs to be in a program, so Michael said he would keep Prada Sunglasses Luxottica

Lori Smith, 40, of 312 Amherst St., could enter no plea Wednesday in Circuit Court Manchester District Division to a felony robbery charge, so a probable cause hearing was set for Jan. 31.

Attorney Ray Raimo Wednesday told Circuit Court Manchester District Division Judge Gregory Michael that Brandon Rocha, 19, had nowhere to go if he were released on personal recognizance bail on a new assault charge.

Questions robbery charge

Court documents show Rocha allegedly broke his Milford Court bail conditions by not taking all his prescribed medications, leaving the house without his father and consuming alcohol.

Bail conditions on the new charge bar contact with his father and bar him from the Laydon Street address.

MANCHESTER An Auburn man who apparently wouldn't take "no" for an answer was arraigned Wednesday in Circuit Court Manchester District Division on charges of criminal trespass and harassment.

Prada Crossbody With Chain

Prada Crossbody With Chain

Prada Crossbody With Chain

Trial was set for March 7.

When he returned in the company of his mother, Rocha allegedly got into an argument and physical conflict with his father and is accused of pinning his father to the floor, resulting in the simple assault charge. Court documents show police reported an odor of alcohol coming from Rocha, who also had glassy eyes.

Prada Crossbody With Chain

at $2,500 cash/surety.

Prada Crossbody With Chain

According to court documents, the victim told police Decarolis pounded on the back door shortly after midnight Tuesday, waking her and her children, and then began texting her, asking to come inside and talk.

After making a phone call to Rocha's mother, Raimo told Michael she isn't willing to take him in. "He's burned bridges," said Raimo.

Smith was caught shortly thereafter and charged with robbery for using force during a theft.

Prada Crossbody With Chain

'He's burned bridges'

A probable cause hearing was set for Jan. 31.

"I screwed up," said Smith. But she said she hasn't done anything wrong in more than a year. Saying he was concerned about her criminal record, Judge Gregory Michael cut the proposed bail in half, setting it Prada Card Wallet

Prada Crossbody With Chain

´╗┐Man accused of harassing ex

Prada Crossbody With Chain

Citing Smith's lengthy theft related history, a police prosecutor requested $5,000 cash/surety bail.

She refused to let Decarolis in and texted him 11 times to leave. When police arrived in response to a call, the officer reported Decarolis was lying on the back stairs, still texting the woman.

Prada Crossbody With Chain

Prada Crossbody With Chain

A police prosecutor requested $2,000 cash/surety bail for Decarolis, who is on probation on a Derry burglary conviction.

the $500 cash/surety bail in place, sending Rocha back to the Valley Street Jail temporarily, and asked Raimo to find such a residential program for Rocha so he can be released directly to it.

Stephen Decarolis, 28, of 18 Sunvalley Road, is accused of going to the city residence of his ex girlfriend after being told not to do so, and of repeatedly texting her saying he wanted to come inside and talk to her.

Court documents show that when police responded to a Lowell Street convenience store Tuesday night, the clerk said Smith had put a 24 ounce beer can under her jacket and attempted to leave without paying.

Rocha had been staying with his father at 396 Laydon St., while out on bail Prada Crossbody With Chain on felony and misdemeanor charges in connection with a break in and assault on his girlfriend's father last month at a Brookline residence. He is due in Milford District Court Jan. 22 in connection with that incident.

The clerk told police he rushed to the door and held it closed so Smith could not leave, but she grabbed his right thumb and twisted it until he was forced to let go of the door and she was able to flee.

The clerk said Prada Wallet Purse

"I was drunk last night," said Smith, who asked for personal recognizance bail, saying she has a 9 year old daughter and just found out she is pregnant.

Smith said: "I don't know how it's a robbery."

he stopped her and told her to pay for the beer, at which time she pushed him in the chest with both hands several times and attempted to escape.

Prada Crossbody With Chain

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