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"This year's RTS lecture in the North East and the Border region was about developments in the industry. We're always at the forefront of that Prada Crossbody Nylon Bag discussion.

Mike joined Border TV in 1978, mainly as an editor, including for networked programmes like children's show Get Fresh.

On June 2 last year the call came to try and find the gunman who had killed several people in west Cumbria and was heading south.

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´╗┐Making sure we get the big picture

Prada Crossbody Nylon Bag

A big story breaks in the north, and Mike Hairsine becomes the eyes of the world.

"I've never wanted to be on the other side of the camera. I've always enjoyed the process of making pictures."

Prada Crossbody Nylon Bag

Prada Crossbody Nylon Bag

"I got there and the police were roping off the blood spatters on the road from people who had been shot."

east into faraway homes.

including Kevin Keegan's appointment as Newcastle United manager in 1992, and various Paul Gascoigne tales.

He reported for Sky Sports on big northern football stories. Prada Handbags For Women

Prada Crossbody Nylon Bag

Mike has filmed all of these stories for the BBC, bringing Cumbria and the north Prada Wallet Money Clip

"You do your Prada Grey Bag

The following month Mike filmed an interview with the uncle of fugitive Raoul Moat. "It was very sad. We got back from that and Moat had shot himself."

"We followed a family through the day as they started to go through the debris of their house. We were looking at families that had lost everything."

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He left 20 years ago to go freelance and pursue his passion for filming.

Mike remembers a happy go lucky young man who used to kick a ball around with children in the street on his way to the training ground. Things have changed for Gazza, and for TV.

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Mike says he doesn't allow any emotional residue from his work to accompany him home to Burgh by Sands, where he lives with his wife Moira, a teacher in Carlisle.

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Mike has discussed all these issues in his Royal Television Society (RTS) capacity.

"We've got members working in all aspects of television. Someone will have a connection with some new development that's coming along.

"When there's something big happening, there's a buzz. There's nothing better than getting the story, getting the pictures on screen.

"They rang me and told me to set off for Boot," recalls Mike. "They knew he was heading in that direction.

job. Then you clear your gear up. Charge your batteries. Set everything up for the next job."

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The RTS is an educational charity which promotes debate with no political agenda.

He always refers to it as television: never TV or heaven forbid telly.

The explosion of digital channels. Cuts at the BBC. The loss of jobs and local coverage at ITV Border.

Maybe he's right to treat the medium with respect. It's given him an exciting career. And, as a 65 year old who looks at least a decade younger, all that fresh air and adrenaline clearly agrees with him.

The story which affected him most was the Cumbrian floods of 2009.

As a freelance cameraman he has worked for all the UK's major networks. Mike is also a committee member of the Royal Television Society's North East and the Border group, at the forefront of debate about a rapidly changing industry.

He grimaces at the memory.

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"I didn't find out until I got there that he'd shot himself. As far as I knew he was still walking around.

Mike grew up in Newcastle, where he and two friends made home movies on 8mm film. All three of them went on to work in TV.

Even the darkest story can have a positive flip side for those who report it.

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