Prada Cosmetic Bag

Prada Cosmetic Bag

Prada Cosmetic Bag

NASHUA Lynda Pearson of Nashua normally spends her evenings with her 15 , 13 and 9 year old children, helping with homework, cooking dinner or carting kids to hockey practice.

shot; I don't want the before."

do my hair. I like it a lot. I told them they could do whatever they wanted."

Prada Cosmetic Bag

"I was really happy to get pampered because it doesn't happen very often," Myott said. "The reveal was scary, we were both shaking back there, going 'don't fall, don't fall!'"

The first 500 fashionistas at Ladies Night on the Town door received a polka dot "swag bag" filled with goodies like lip glosses, gourmet chocolate popcorn, compact mirrors, rhinestones and perfume bottles donated by Macy's. While some had glamor photos taken on The Telegraph's red carpet, others waited in line to hear their fortunes told by one of seven participating psychics.

Prada Cosmetic Bag

Julie Doyle, 29, a permanency case manager from Nashua, won "Editor's Choice" for the make up contest after her mother, Linda, nominated her for the contest. Once revealed, the ladies smiled bright with lighter hair and new digs, as the room burst into cheers for their new looks.

"It's bringing a relaxing shopping atmosphere to the ladies to avoid the hustle and bustle of the stores," Lencki said. "We call this a pre holiday shopping experience, so we have signature drinks, little cocktails, a little music, a little shopping what every woman envisions is a perfect evening. It's definitely geared towards the everyday woman and the fashionistas out there."

Throughout the night, a silent auction held in the back of the Sky Meadow ballroom raised funds for Anne Marie House, which provides shelter, food, transportation, and educational support services for homeless families. Bidding items included a "Life is Good" basket, a rug from Persian Rug Gallery, and arrangements from Merrimack Flower Shop Greenhouse.

´╗┐Makeover winners revealed at benefit

"The number of people here is unbelievable," said Lisa Krueger, event/sales consultant with The Telegraph. "Everybody's in great spirits. It was a beautiful turnout. The goal was to introduce the attendees to all of these unique products and vendors they wouldn't normally have an opportunity to visit or know about."

On Wednesday night, though, Pearson was found having a purple feather braided into her hair by Sarah Gagne and Jessica Duflessis of Salon Belle Vie, shopping around a local vendor scene inside Sky Meadow Country Club, and waiting for a psychic reading. Pearson, joined by her sister, a gaggle of girlfriends, and hundreds of other Greater Nashua women, attended The Telegraph's Ladies Night on the Town event Wednesday evening to benefit Anne Marie House.

Among the 60 or more business vendors set up around the richly decorated shopping area, Fortin Gage handed out free roses; Christy Lepine, with 17 year old daughter Cassie, were getting the word out about their new make up line, Glitter Gurlz Make Up; and Dr. Jerrilyn Sullivan, of Parnell Family Chiropractic, offered body alignment checks.

"I'm very excited for her," Myott's father, Mike Vorpe said. "She's a 'girly girl' but she's too busy. She wasn't into clothes and make up and stuff like her sisters, I don't think."

"It's not your average Wednesday night," Pearson laughed. "It's fun it's crowded but it's fun! I came here to see the psychic, but this is cool. It's nice to go out on our own. We'll probably have a nice glass of wine or something and sit and relax. We're running into people we don't see all the time."

"It was nice to get out," Doyle said. "I had people from work calling me still. I told them to call me if they need me, I can't help it."

"We tried on all the clothes at the store, and we settled on this, which is awesome," Myott said. "Everybody in the store pitched in to find us the right outfit. We got our hair done, had our make up done, and went to the studio to take pictures. I want to Prada Cosmetic Bag keep the after Prada Clutch Blue


Prada Cosmetic Bag

Throughout the evening, other women pampered themselves with free drink samples provided by Bellevance, or the bar's signature drink for the night, the "pink lady."

The Telegraph's Ladies Night on the Town event was created especially for people like Pearson, said Kim Lencki, event manager at The Telegraph.

"I like clothes and fashion, but I don't know if I have it," Doyle said, laughing and showing off her new beige heels. "I wear jeans and sweatshirts all the time because I like to cover myself up. I learned how to do my make up, how to Prada Glasses Frames 2017

Prada Cosmetic Bag

Emily Myott, of Manchester, a stay at home mom with five kids, ages 7, 4, 3, 2, and 3 months, received 300 votes to win new LunaChics clothes, a fresh, Salon Belle Vie hair style, a celebrity make up session with Kriss Soterion, and a photo shoot at Studio Mark Emile.

Prada Cosmetic Bag

Prada Cosmetic Bag

Prada Cosmetic Bag

Myott, whose husband , Jason, works nights, usually has hours of bedtime rituals and laundry to look forward to at the end of her day not a public makeover Prada Double Bag Review

"It's also just a night to hang out and relax," Krueger said. "I noticed most of the women have a drink in their hand. I think that that's great. We didn't want it to be just another expo, and all the while we're raising awareness for a much needed cause."

Doyle said she usually spends her Wednesday nights working, and the days of pampering were a nice change of pace.

Prada Cosmetic Bag

"I think as a stay at home, she kind of just started feeling frumpy and down on herself, so this is a nice little pick me up, with the make up. She's a new woman," Myott's sister, Heather Knapp, said.

Last week, Myott and Doyle spent five hours working with fashion coach Susan Kanoff to perfect their new clothing style at LunaChics, Myott said.

Prada Cosmetic Bag

Prada Cosmetic Bag

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