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Prada Brown Handbag

Colantonio said it was fear and intimidation that kept him from coming forward sooner.

"As to any investigation, we don't comment one way or the other," he said. "We don't even comment on the existence of a pending investigation, it would be improper to do so."

"I've been just a little scared because of repercussions with law enforcement," Prada Satchel Bag

Patricelli is currently facing misdemeanor aggravated harassment charges, for allegedly threatening his ex girlfriend's brother, a corrections officer at the jail.

he said. "I shouldn't worry about police down here coming after me or retaliating. So I decided to do it."

now resides in Florida, said his relationship with a former girlfriend of Sgt. Anthony Patricelli was ruined when his criminal past was improperly unearthed and used against him.

Prada Brown Handbag

Prada Brown Handbag

"I feel it wasn't right what he did, and he deserves to be reprimanded by someone for that," said Colantonio.

Prada Brown Handbag

Sheriff Jack Mahar has said in press reports that the matter was under investigation, and that while no disciplinary would be taken, training would be conducted for the personnel involved.

Prada Brown Handbag

Prada Brown Handbag

Prada Brown Handbag

Patricelli had been in a long term common law relationship with the woman, and the two have a child together.

"They asked me how I found out, who it was that I found out from," he said. "I really don't want to say much more because I'm afraid of possible retaliation. The DA also advised me of that."

Peter Colantonio, who Prada Wallet With Chain

Prada Brown Handbag

According to sources with knowledge of the investigation, Patricelli ordered a corrections officer with access to E Justice to put Colantonio's name into the system claiming he was a current inmate at the jail.

about his criminal history, which included a 1992 conviction for theft and a number of fight, ultimately caused his relationship to end.

Patricelli reportedly admitted to using E Justice, the database maintained by the state Department of Criminal Justice Services, to access Colantonio's background which he then gave to his former girlfriend.

TROY A man whose criminal background was improperly, and possibly illegally, accessed by a Rensselaer County Jail sergeant has triggered a criminal investigation by the District Attorney's office.

Prada Brown Handbag

Prada Brown Handbag

"I would say that it seems like now it's going pretty well," Colantonio said, describing a recent phone interview with an ADA assigned to look into the matter.

Colantonio said revelations Men Wallet Prada

After a complaint was lodged with DCJS, the matter was referred to the jail for an Prada Brown Handbag internal investigation.

´╗┐Man claims his criminal background was improperly accessed

Prada Brown Handbag

Mahar's spokeswoman Yvonne Keefe, said county policy restricted the sheriff from commenting.

Prada Brown Handbag

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