Prada Bags Price Range

Prada Bags Price Range

Both TVs are gone. The MP3 player, which you hadn't even set up yet, is gone. And Prada Eyeglasses For Women

n On one night in 2008/09 items worth 24,066 were taken from a house in Eye and Thorney/Paston, including 3,500 cash.

n Clothing was another common target, including tracksuits, a fleece, and even steel toe capped boots,

n 150 of alcohol was taken in a single haul in Fletton in 2008/09.

Prada Bags Price Range

n Thousands of pounds of electrical items was taken, from computers and TVs to console games such as Crash Bandicoot and Mario Galaxy.

do you have insurance.?

Prada Bags Price Range

THE Christmas period is still alive, and you fancied a few drinks at the pub. You amble back to your house, slightly the worse for wear and what you find will ruin your 2011 festive period forever.

Prada Bags Price Range

Some facts of note:

A window left ajar was the perfect entry point for the burglars.

´╗┐Make sure your home isn't a late Christmas present for burglars

Mark your property with an ultraviolet pen, using your door number and postcode, or use an etching kit.

Top tips to prevent break ins

If neighbours can see into your garden, install a house number on the back of your house, making identification easy when a neighbour calls the police.

Prada Bags Price Range

However in several cases the damage caused was more expensive than the items taken, while in several others damage was caused but nothing was taken.

a staggering audacity and cruelty among the thieves everything from an 11,000 ring to a bag of Brussels sprouts was taken.

Prada Bags Price Range

Use light timers all year round, setting them to run from dark until 2am.

leave valuables where they can be seen from outside. If you are going out, move presents from the front room.

Prada Bags Price Range

Don't advertise to burglars what new things you have by leaving packaging from expensive presents in your bin area. You can register any item that has a unique serial number.

n The most common items taken were electrical, jewellery and computer items, but other common ones included photographic, alcohol, cash and toys.

Shut and lock all accessible doors and windows.

n Orton Longueville was targeted the most times (48), followed by Park (44), Bretton North (40), Peterborough East (39) and Paston (38).

n Several houses had documents and keys stolen, while at one Woodston house concert tickets worth 50 were taken.

The figures did not reveal the exact locations of the crimes, or the dates. But they did reveal the values of items taken and exactly what they were. Also included was the cost of damage to, for example, broken doors and windows.

For these purposes the festive period ran from 10 days Prada Bags Price Range before Christmas to mid January when potential presents may be in the house.

Prada Bags Price Range

n In the vast majority of incidents no damage was reported, presumably because it was either minor or because thieves slipped in without using force.

The results reveal Red Prada Shoulder Bag

The XBox is gone, along with your son's new games. Your girlfriend's new jewellery is gone.

Prada Bags Price Range

Shocking figures released by Peterborough police have revealed the scale of the problem of Christmas burglaries across the city, amounting to 463,876 in thefts and damage in almost 500 incidents in the past five years.

Prada Bags Price Range

They couldn't be bothered with finesse so they simply smashed the lock off the front door from the inside, took what they wanted, and made their escape in the darkness.

The Evening Telegraph asked for details of all burglaries in the area during the festive period for the past five years under the Freedom of Information Act.

Prada Bags Price Range

Do not Prada Handbags For Men

Leave your radios on whenever you are out. Even if a burglar has seen people leave the house, they won't know for sure if anyone is home or not.

Prada Bags Price Range

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