Prada Bags Price In Dubai

Prada Bags Price In Dubai

Settecase had hidden the loot at his parents' house, where he also lives, and when police searched the home, they recovered 77 pieces of stolen merchandise, officials said. Nearly 30 items did not have price tags, but those that did including handbags, wallets, facial creams, watches, clothing and fragrances had a total value of more than $29,000, police said.

Chances are that a Nordstrom employee charged with hiding in the Skokie department store after hours, then going on a midnight shoplifting spree, didn't select his outfit from Nordstrom's fall line.

Police said that when store security locked the doors and left for the night on Sept. 5, Settecase was hiding under a desk in the switchboard operators booth on the store's second floor. and was filmed by store surveillance cameras walking through the store wearing a black top, with a grey hood, a ski mask over his face, black gloves, black shorts and black socks without shoes, the police report said.

Prada Bags Price In Dubai

Prada Bags Price In Dubai

police said, adding store surveillance footage also showed Settecase leaving the store after his Sept. 6 shift with bags stuffed with stolen merchandise.

Prada Bags Price In Dubai

Nordstrom officials in the store's Seattle corporate office said they were unaware of the theft or any similar cases.

Prada Bags Price In Dubai

´╗┐man dressed as Ninja hid in Nordstrom

Prada Bags Price In Dubai

The next day, a Nordstrom employee noticed that two expensive handbags were missing.

Store security also checked eBay and learned that two jars of LeMar facial cream, identical to ones sold at Nordstrom, were being offered on an account used by Settecase on the online auction site, Prada Red Handbag

"I think that reality and the movies, people need to separate the difference," Jacobsen said. "The criminal will be caught, and it's only in the movies that they get away with it."

Prada Bags Price In Dubai

Prada Bags Price In Dubai

"They reviewed Prada Bags Price In Dubai video surveillance, which revealed the subject disguised in the ski mask selecting numerous items of Nordstrom merchandise. They believed the subject to be Settecase Prada Black Backpack

not have a place to stay. Both employees reported Settecase's odd behavior to their superiors, police said.

Prada Bags Price In Dubai

"It's because of the store employees noticing that stuff was missing, being alert, as well as the cleaning crew coming forward saying they did see someone sleeping there," said Jacobsen. "I'm giving them credit for being observant."

"Settecase went to different sections of the store throughout that evening and selected more merchandise which he placed into the male tote box. Settecase returned to the mailroom after each trip, where he placed all of the merchandise he had selected. on Sept. 6," the police report said. and told her he worked at the store and was staying there because he had family problems and did Prada Cosmetic Bag

Prada Bags Price In Dubai

On Friday, confronted with all the evidence against him, police said Settecase confessed, saying he planned to sell the merchandise he had stolen from the store on eBay and use the proceeds to buy a motorcycle.

since there were no other know Nordstrom customers or employees in the building at the time," the police report said.

Prada Bags Price In Dubai

Carlo Frank Settecase, 21, of the 9400 block of Leamington Avenue in Skokie, was dressed in a Ninja like outfit as he casually strolled through the Westfield Old Orchard mall department store for several hours in the dead of night, stealing more than $30,000 worth of merchandise, police said.

Managers knew that Settecase had stayed in the store overnight and after reviewing store surveillance footage, it didn't take them long to figure out what had allegedly happened.

Settecase worked as a switchboard operator in the store and on Friday, after a three week investigation, he was charged with felony theft in connection with the theft, according to a police report.

According to police, the surveillance tapes show Settecase walking through the men's fragrance department, the handbag section, the fine jewelry section and other departments casually selecting items and placing them in a mail tote box.

"It was just all black and stuff," Skokie police officer Tammy Jacobsen said Tuesday. "Other than to mask his identity I don't know what his reasoning was behind that."

Prada Bags Price In Dubai

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