Prada Bag White And Black

Prada Bag White And Black

Make certain you have everything you need beforehand. Youre going to Prada Bag White And Black have a tough time finding propane, and possibly Prada Crossbody Clutch

Prada Bag White And Black

When using a charcoal grill, never use any flammable liquids other than starter fluid to start the fire.

Prada Bag White And Black

Prada Bag White And Black

Prada Bag White And Black

Prada Bag White And Black

Keep all grills at least 10 feet away from your home, garage, porch and deck and anything else that can catch fire.

"Each year, there are about 7,700 fires associated with grilling and more than 17,000 people go to emergency rooms with burns from grilling," said Lorraine Carli, vice president of communications for the National Fire Protection Association. "Its important to take a few simple steps to prevent fires and injuries while using your outdoor grill."

And here is a suggestion to keep your holiday grilling not only safe but enjoyable.

Wed like to add one more tip for the purists who use charcoal grills.

Keep children and pets at least three feet away from the grill.

Prada Bag White And Black

Prada Bag White And Black

Prada Bag White And Black

Always follow the manufacturers instructions when using a gas grill.

One of our staffers recalls running out of propane during a weekend barbecue. His kids bought him an extra propane tank. That was a not so subtle hint for him to get his act together.

One more thing forego the brewskis until youre done cooking, or at least go easy on them.

garages or enclosed buildings, Melton said. If you plan on storing the grill inside during the winter, always disconnect the cylinder and leave it outside.

After you light up those coals, do NOT spray charcoal lighter from the can onto the coals. One of our staffers swears that he once saw flames run up the stream of fluid from the coals to the can, causing great consternation for the person lighting the fire.

However, before you do that, lets run through a few safety tips, most of them courtesy of Amica Mutual Insurance.

Here are a few suggestions from Amica:

All right, its the Fourth of July weekend! Fire up the grill!

other supplies, on a holiday weekend.

Check the hose and connections before using a gas grill. Apply soapy water to hoses and connections to Prada Backpack Crossbody

Prada Bag White And Black

"Its also important to remember that charcoal and propane grills should only be used outside in a well ventilated area," said Lisa Melton, an assistant vice president with Amica.

Prada Bag White And Black

´╗┐make your BBQ safe

Never leave the grill unattended.

Also, when its time to pack away your grill at the end of summer, remember to never store propane cylinders in Prada Cahier Crossbody

reveal leaks.

Prada Bag White And Black

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