Prada Bag Pink Colour

Prada Bag Pink Colour

Gary and Terri Ackers, from Spicewood and the Ackers Ranch near Albany, came to dine with MizChe at the Abilene Country Club on "money night." Nothing happened about money, but they did see Kenan Jones Keyes, from Little Rock, who was visiting her sister Harriet Jones Bass. Also, met Jim Kinard, who was enjoying a holiday visit with his father Cearly and wife, Ruby. Jim has taught at Ohio State for time enough to retire. They were sitting with friend Beverly Springer.

Glenda Ravanelli urged ticket purchases for Valentine Vendor's Fair on Feb. 11; call 325 673 4758 for information.

Grande Dame and Noble Gold for 2012 are Ruth Ann Prada Bags Black And Red

Prada Bag Pink Colour

Philharmonic Guild meeting at the home of Dana Endsley and hosted by Carolyn Beckham, Martha Ferguson, Ellen Massey, Karen Stephan and Amy Windham featured Abilene Christian High School's One Voice and discussion of brunch and Gold Medallion Ball fundraiser, which is scheduled for Prada Bag Pink Colour Saturday, Feb. 11, at the Civic Center.

spoke with Matt and Andi Brewington and son Ryan (who told MizC that he is 2 years old); Russell and Paula Berry were hosting daughter Kristin and husband Tony Stevens and their daughters Berry (10) and Charlie (6) from Fort Worth.

Prada Bag Pink Colour

He still holds honorary commandership of the 9th Bomb Squadron at Dyess. Malm Construction, founded by Donald and headed now by son Michael, kept Noble Gold busy and the Modeling School Agency and Style Shows kept Grand Dame well known.

MizCheevus wanted to see who would be eating the breakfast buffet out at the country club on the last day of 2011, so she dressed quickly in what she considered bright prospects for the New Year and rushed out to find young families . Prada Handbags Price In India

On the first day of 2012, Nancy Williamson, Donna Albus and MizCheevus took in the intense movie "War Horse" of course, everyone will want to see it.

´╗┐Malms take off in roles for Philharmonic Guild's Gold Medallion Ball

On Feb. 24 at the Paramount Theatre, there will be a one woman show titled "Memories of a Legend," produced by Abilene native Kevin Bell. It features a nationally known Elizabeth Taylor look alike in a show that tells the star's experience from her point of view. There will be a meet and greet after the show,for which tickets can be purchased by calling 325 428 6113, or at the box office.

Prada Bag Pink Colour

From videos of destruction they made CDs, which they showed volunteers for every farmer who donated there were five who wished they could. In a little more than two weeks, 12 farmers had donated in excess of 110 round bales of hay. People have sent their appreciation for "almost enough hay for the winter." Like the Hay for Texas Program, Herm says, "My goal was to encourage America to help America it can be done."

Success for the first "money night" in 2012 at Abilene Country Club had both winners present Zana Slaughter for the meal and Scott Taliaferro Sr. for the cash jackpot.

Air Force Base, the Malms arrived in Abilene in 1971, where Donald served 20 years as a pilot. They decided to retire here.

The event is co chaired by Shannell Anderson and Sophia Maryianowski.

Los Aficionados luncheon met at The Grace Museum with hostesses Joyce Martin (chairwoman), Bonnie Borth, Jean Collins, Norma Harper and Carol Parker. Program featured Lynn Barnett, director of Abilene Cultural Affairs, who told that Dr. Seuss will add excitement to the events of Children's Art Literacy Festival (June 14 17). It is time for registration and tickets purchases, she said.

Prada Bag Pink Colour

Maggy Morford's birthday happens on the same date as the natal date for John Mingus, son of MizCheevus. Therefore, it is easy for our reporter to remember Maggy at that time. Among her guests Dec. 30 were Mike Morford and Penny Parkey (engaged?), Pete Morford and wife Danni and Suzanne Morford.

Prada Bag Pink Colour

Prada Bag Pink Colour

and Donald R. Malm. These honorees have been prominent in support and leadership of Philharmonic Association for 39 years. Thanks to his assignment at Dyess Prada Sunglasses Black And Gold

Prada Bag Pink Colour

The annual Dec. 31 soiree hosted by Charlie and Betty Hukill captured the parking on Highland . guests kept arriving until midnight, including former Abilenians Tony and Kim Berry from Florida. Taking a peep at some of the others: Dr. Austin and Hon. Susan King; Loretta Fulton; George and Sidney Levesque; Jay and Nicole Kay from Austin; Ron Erdrich and Nellie Doneva and their young daughter Willow; Vance and Charla McCracken; Dr. Gary and Claudie Walker; Robert and Becky Laird; zoo president Dr. Sara and Bill Core; zoo curator Vonceil Harmon; Larry and Charlene Beevill; Brandon and Amy Ray from Normal, Ill; the Rev. Janice Six; Carl and Jose DeLucchi accompanied MizCheevus; Gary Jr. and Mary Bone; Gary Jr.'s sister Hannah Bone Holmes and husband, Jeremy (Gary and Jeremy are APD officers. Gary and Hannah are children of Gary Sr. and Jeannie Bone, who attended the first Hukill party some 25 years ago). His passion was to start a project called Hay for Texas, involving sending some of that state's abundant crop to help relieve our drought stricken country where there is little feed for cattle. He has been recognized big time for this huge generosity of spirit. He was a little reluctant to undertake this but had a world of encouragement from his daughter Kim (daughters can get most things done!).

Waiting in the omelet line were Ed and Miechelle Fourton, who were hosting: mother Pat Fourton, Danni Fourton Morford, Michielle Fourton and Russell Sullivan and Kristine Cooper and her daughter McKenna Cooper.

Prada Bag Pink Colour

Sitting in the sports bar were Bruce and Nancy Hildebrand, Richard Kincaid, Billy and Jean Dawson, Taylor and Libby Rankin, Ken and Sue Burgess, Ross and Joyce Carr and Paul and Barbara Kinley.

Prada Bag Pink Colour

Prada Bag Pink Colour

Prada Bag Pink Colour

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