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Prada Bag New 2017

At Whittonstall, protestors have talked passionately about potential threats from dust and noise pollution, as well as the lasting damage the landscape.

Mining was once the industrial backbone of Tynedale, and following its decline rural communities have grown used to unspoiled landscapes instead of spoil heaps.

Communications director Andrew Mackintosh said: "During the last cold snap we struggled to get coal to us in time. That's when it's far easier getting coal from the UK. Coal will always have Prada Bag Small

"There are some fundamental differences in how the industry has to approach everything.

Facing the prospect of six years and eight months of mining operations, extracting 2.2 million tonnes of coal and 500,000 tonnes of fireclay, locals have voiced concerns for the future of their local community.

With just a few weeks to go before the Hoodsclose application is considered by Northumberland County Council, the company has gone on the public relations offensive, sharing its views on future of mining and the changing face of its industry.

It is against the backdrop of the performance of renewables and our reliance on imported coal that UK Coal wants to push ahead with its Prada New Wallet

Prada Bag New 2017

Campaigners argue coal is no longer an essential form of energy, in a market full of burgeoning greener alternatives .

"We've got 70 odd employees working in the middle of the site and my focus is on health and safety. We are not going to be taking risks with people's health.

Prada Bag New 2017

Prada Bag New 2017

Renewables only contribute nine per cent of our electricity needs.

"There are jobs created around it. As a business we have 2,500 employees.

Prada Bag New 2017

"Even if the Government wants to pay through legislation for greener energy and is funding finances for nuclear, by early 2020 output from coal will still be 50 60 per cent what it is now."

Mr Taylor explains: "Nobody likes it when we come. We respect everyone's right to object, but we do say let's take this as an opportunity to talk about it.

"A huge amount of work goes into these things, not only by ourselves but in consultation with environmental experts, woodland, transport, noise and dust consultations.

a part to play. Some is coking coal, some for the production of steel and some to power stations. It's a resource we've got in this country.

He argues that coal is still a major player in the competitive energy supply market.

"When we put in a scheme we work out what scale is acceptable and the various legislations. It is not a thoughtless process."

But UK Coal admits its biggest battle is to change the perception local communities have about coal mining.

"Rejecting it because it may be a small is like closing small farms down because you can get the same product from Spain," insists Mr Mackintosh.

´╗┐Making the case for coal mining in the countryside

Its surface mining director Simon Taylor is responsible for the opencast operations of the country's biggest coal producer.

He believes it is vital as much of that demand as possible is met by indigenous supplies which lie a few metres below the surface over large areas of the North East and Yorkshire.

Prada Bag New 2017

The applicant, UK Coal, has been battling to quell residents' fears.

Prada Bag New 2017

He admits the Whittonstall mine will meet only a small fraction of the UK's demand for coal.

Prada Bag New 2017

Prada Bag New 2017

"Opencasts used to be larger; they used to be more intrusive.

Whittonstall investment.

"We have a programme of progressive restoration which will see wetlands, hedgerows and arable on that land in seven years time. Or the other option could be wind turbines which are going up and staying 20, 30, 40, 50 years."

But an application to create the 208 hectare Hoodsclose opencast site next to Whittonstall, first lodged in November 2010, sparked fears that Prada Envelope Wallet Price

He says the process, from putting in a planning application to the end of Prada Bag New 2017 the operation, is thoroughly monitored by a number of agencies and experts following Government health and safety guidelines.

the local environment will be scarred beyond recognition.

"People's expectations are far, far worse than what the reality will be.

Prada Bag New 2017

"The Government is looking at the future of different energy resources but our industry has changed.

"Strictly speaking, probably about 30 per cent to 40 per cent of electricity comes from coal, which most people don't realise. Eighty percent of that is imported.

Prada Bag New 2017

Prada Bag New 2017

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