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Prada Bag Cahier

Buteau Duitschaever said one of their biggest jobs was moving display cases around to create a roomier, more inviting feeling.

Weyer loved the chance to work with people the owners of heritage significant homes wanting to make alternations, the town staff ensuring the changes were consistent with current policy.

Prada Bag Cahier

Prada Bag Cahier

The government funding that has allowed Port Hope's Canadian Fire Fighters Museum to hire two knowledgeable and creative collection conservationists for the Prada Black Bag Red Interior

They have also conducted a very basic clean up of all objects, some of which had come to the museum directly from the field and still had mud on them. This makes them look a lot better, she said, and improves their stability for long term display another important quality, since they are also evaluating the items for their significance in the history of firefighting.

Burgin said there are some important volunteer projects going on right now.

With their summer placements winding down, both are looking at what they will be leaving behind at the Port Hope museum.

"And we have a volunteer Prada Bag Cahier who is doing research on forestry firefighting, and we are really going to expand that.

"The biggest change now is in health and safety masks, breathing apparatus, clothing," Weyer said.

Because so much of the collection is too big for display cases, they have put do not touch signs where appropriate and gathered items that can be touched into their own display area so people can feel like they're getting a more interactive experience.

Weyer said they found many cases crammed with artifacts. A museum with a large collection understandably wants to display it all, she said. When it comes to making a museum welcoming and enjoyable to a visitor, however, less can be more.

"I have an inclination toward natural history, and I worked with their educational collection of furs and skulls, antlers and teeth," she said.

For the most part, what they use in the field has not changed, they agree.

For a similar display on gas masks, they had to do some research to learn more about this equipment to create a display that gives an accurate representation of breathing apparatus as used in firefighting, war and biohazard work (and, for safety, they had to eliminate equipment with potentially unsafe chemicals).

´╗┐Making a difference at Fire Fighter museum

what the museum is all about.

Prada Bag Cahier

Some equipment, like the pike pole (which helps a firefighter slow the spread of a fire by knocking down walls and ceilings), is virtually the same as it ever was except for the use of modern materials.

Prada Bag Cahier

For those in the field, Boudicca Buteau Duitschaever said, a zoo is basically a museum with a living collection. The animals have to be preserved, catalogued and moved around to optimum location as surely as the pike poles in Port Hope.

of lamps and lights. They have evaluated the entire collection in terms of such things as significance, stability of condition and eye appeal to create a display that traces the progression of lights used in firefighting. With accompanying signage, it's attractive, uncluttered and educational.

summer who have made a difference that will last for years, board chair Ken Burgin said this week.

Prada Bag Cahier

Weyer worked with the Town of Cobourg in heritage planning, Boudicca Buteau Duitschaever at the Toronto Zoo.

Prada Bag Cahier

On a recent visit, Burgin was delighted to introduce Katrina Weyer of Trenton and Boudicca Buteau Duitschaever of Fergus, and to talk about the work they have been doing.

Both have just graduated from the collections conservation and management program at Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough. Both bring different strengths to their work from different backgrounds, Weyer's in archaeology and Buteau Duitschaever's in biology.

"They have gone through this place, turned it upside down and done a great job of improving the displays and restoring things that have become dusty and rusty," he said.

They have even created a special brightly coloured display in what was formerly an underused dark corner. They built a kitchen with a number of potential fire hazards for children to identify (and a nearby binder against which to check their guesses).

One example is the display case of different styles Prada Card Holder

Prada Bag Cahier

Prada Bag Cahier

Burgin is particularly pleased with this display, because safety is a huge part of Prada Bags Pink

"You'll see new materials, but they have the same function," Buteau Duitschaever said.

"I did a lot of different projects, updating how they are stored and displayed and handled and cleaned."

"I wanted to see how they worked within the constraints of policy and how they developed the policy. I even sat in on planning meetings," she said.

Prada Bag Cahier

"We are currently collecting artifacts to be put together for a display on Canada's contribution to firefighting in London during World War II a large contingent of Canadians went over to fight the blazes," he said.

Prada Bag Cahier

Students in their program might typically serve internships at a museum. During their years at Fleming, both Weyer and Boudicca Buteau Duitschaever did something completely different.

Both Weyer and Buteau Duitschaever are grateful for the help of enthusiastic volunteers who bring a variety of strengths through the doors. They try hard to channel their expertise for the benefit of the museum.

Prada Bag Cahier

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