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'Make sure this tragedydoesn't happen again' dgdgdgdgddg

"However, water safety risk assessments and national beach safety guidelines both confirm that Hendon beach is not a suitable place for lifebuoys.

Stripping to shorts and T shirt, Mark walked down the ramp, before being swept off his feet.

Southmoor School pupil Mark, of Canon Cockin Street, Hendon, was among a group of six pals on the beach in the Easter holidays.

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Today council bosses said they would meet the dead boy's mum to talk about saving lives.

in the interests of safety, high visibility signs warning the public about the dangers of the sea are in place."

COUNCIL chiefs have agreed to meet a campaigning mum who wants to make the city's beaches safer so youngsters don't suffer the same tragic fate as her son.

Lifebelts were withdrawn from Hendon Beach nine years ago, after claims they were being vandalised.

"I haven't heard anything since then and there is still nothing done down there, so it could happen again."

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His friends fought to grab him, while some searched in vain for lifebelts, but were forced to give up after 10 minutes as the tide pulled Mark away from the shore and left his body lodged in rocks.

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"Water safety is an issue the council takes very seriously and we have reassessed the need for lifebuoys at Hendon beach following Mark's tragic Prada Sunglasses 2017 Women

If you remain dissatisfied with the response provided then you can contact the PCC by clicking here.

The 35 year old said: "Because it's a public beach, I asked them about lifebelts and lifeguards and they promised to meet me.

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"For this reason, Prada Eyeglasses 2016

at Hendon beach and we would urge the public not to swim from the beach."

Only a handful of safety signs stand on a treacherous spot which also claimed the life of 13 year old Jonathon Bernardi, 10 years ago.

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Prada Backpack For Men

Prada Backpack For Men

Paul Nicholson, senior helmsman for the RNLI Sunderland, said: "We welcome any moves that will help safety on the beach, although we do understand the specific issues which have been raised on this beach. If you have a complaint about editorial content which relates to inaccuracy or intrusion, then contact the Editor by clicking here.

etc) from a website you visit. They are stored on your electronic device.

Six months on, mum Beverley Steel rounded on council bosses for failing to live up to a pledge to meet her after she begged them to make the beach safer.

Paul Dobson, Sunderland's director of community and cultural services said the council had tried to contact Beverley "on a number of occasions", adding: "We would be happy to meet with her at any time."


She said: "It will happen again and again until some safety measures are put in place."

Prada Backpack For Men

Prada Backpack For Men

Mark Langton, 13, was playing on a slipway at Hendon Beach in April, when he was dragged out to sea by waves and battered Prada Backpack For Men against rocks.

Beverley, who has a daughter Kirsty, 16, and now lives in Farringdon, took up her campaign after Mark's funeral.

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