Prada Backpack Crossbody

Prada Backpack Crossbody

That's when police in Grand Rapids, Mich., arrested him on burglary charges and drew his blood during the jail booking process. The blood matched a DNA sample collected from fecal matter left on the Squires' floor on the night of the murder.

start this afternoon. Members of the Squires family will get the opportunity to address Almaguer at that time about the impact that the murder had on them.

Soon after the murder, Almaguer, then 21, fled and the case went cold until May 2011.

Bringing a case to trial 25 years after the crime proved to be a challenge, as not all witnesses had clear memories of the crime or had died, Assistant District Attorney Victoria Muiz said.

Prada Backpack Crossbody

Prada Backpack Crossbody

Almaguer will also be given the opportunity to speak during the Prada Glasses For Women

Prada Backpack Crossbody

Prada Backpack Crossbody

Prosecutors said Almaguer and the other robber whose name hasn't been disclosed broke into the RV, ransacked the place and then stopped in the vehicle's small bathroom. While he was still in the bathroom, the Squires woke up and confronted Almaguer, who shot them both.

hearing, but because he was convicted of capital murder, his fate has already been set life in prison.

The Canadian couple had been living Prada Crossbody Bag Mens

The sentencing phase of the trial is to Prada Bag Black

Arturo Almaguer was convicted on three separate counts of capital murder and faces three life terms in prison after robbing and slaying Evan and Wilda Squires in November 1988.

When Almaguer's blood gave a match, Weslaco police Det. William Pemelton Pat's son traveled to Michigan to bring Almaguer back to the Rio Grande Valley for prosecution.

in Weslaco at the Magic Valley RV Park when Almaguer and at least one other person broke in to steal various items from their home, court records state.

Prada Backpack Crossbody

Prada Backpack Crossbody

"I met with them and after speaking to them understood that they went to a crime scene and found feces on the floor that is not something that they are likely to forget," Muiz said. "I spoke with veteran officers who said that it was the first time and last time they saw something like that."

´╗┐Man convicted in Winter Texans' cold case murder

Evidence presented at trial showed Almaguer left his shorts on top of the feces, taking clothing from the house and using his shirt to wipe himself as the ran away from the crime scene.

The collection of DNA wasn't a common practice in 1988, but Pemelton collected a fecal sample from the scene that was stored for more than 20 years and submitted to a Prada Backpack Crossbody government database.

Defense attorney Rogelio Guerra declined to comment on the case.

Following the gunfire, Almaguer continued to defecate on the floor of the RV and in his pants, which he left at the crime scene.

Prada Backpack Crossbody

Prada Backpack Crossbody

Prada Backpack Crossbody

Prada Backpack Crossbody

During the robbery, Almaguer fired a revolver several times at the couple, leaving them in a pool of blood inside their RV, prosecutors said during the trial.

The evidence was presented during the testimony of former Weslaco police detective Pat Pemelton, who processed the crime scene on the night of the murder.

Prada Backpack Crossbody

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