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Original Prada Handbags

Original Prada Handbags

Original Prada Handbags

"The goal would be to buy it and build some affordable housing, instead of some rich developer buying it up and building townhouses for $400 to Prada Iphone 7 Plus Case

"Whatever we get is better than nothing, because we will turn around and give it to charity and, at the same time, raise a little bit of awareness of the real need for affordable housing."

Original Prada Handbags

"We could Original Prada Handbags donate the land to the Town of Cobourg, or we could donate the land to a developer with very clear restrictions as to what we want to see built.

"There aren't a lot of good vacant lots in town left. I think it would be great if we could buy this as a community, get the whole community involved, and use the land for affordable housing or maybe something like special needs housing," Percolides said in an interview this week.

Don't be fooled by the $1 price tag on the 1.7 acre lot at 80 Munroe St. in Cobourg, Century 21 sales representative Johnny Percolides.

Original Prada Handbags

Original Prada Handbags

´╗┐Make this lot count a lot

If enough people donate $125, he said, it can happen. If they're outbid, they'll have a tidy sum to donate to charity.

The Munroe Street lot is an excellent location, he said, and there's no doubt the land will be sold.


As a real estate agent, Percolides has seen the price of homes in Cobourg go through the roof. He has also seen people lose their homes and others leave town because they can't afford to get into the market.

"I hope this will create some awareness of the real need for affordable housing and, at the same time, raise money for a charity."

"The property will be auctioned off in about three weeks. I'm hoping by then we have money to donate to a charity of choice, and it will be just in time for the holidays."


"It would be incredible if people did get behind this, but the reality is I don't think we'll get enough money or enough people," he said.

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recent projects like Kickstarter have shown, many people can band together to make great things happen. And the great thing Percolides has in mind is to obtain the land for a purpose that can address a real need in the community: affordable housing.

Original Prada Handbags

What that means is that the out of town real estate agency listing it for sale will entertain offers in effect, it's an auction.

He is asking anyone who can donate $125 to the project to take part, and he will be depositing the first $125.

An offer will be chosen the first day or two of December, so Percolides is getting right to work with his lawyer to set up a trust fund to collect the bids.

Original Prada Handbags

As to what charity, he said, it will be voted on. Everyone who makes a donation will also be asked to pick a charity of choice, and the winning charity gets the donation.

Original Prada Handbags

"Four or five years ago, you could buy something for $160,000 and move right in. Today, you can't get anything under $200,000. And anything under $200,000, you would have to do substantial work on," he said.

Original Prada Handbags

Original Prada Handbags

"The person who buys it will build beautiful homes, for sure, but nothing for the regular guys. Nothing against that we need beautiful homes. But we also need a balance," he Prada Wallet Men 2017

Original Prada Handbags

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