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"You would argue that . I should infer that the killing happened in the course of a jealous rage?" Harding's sentencing judge Justice Peter Garling asked Mr Wilson.

He submitted that Harding's high level of intoxication and the brain damage he had suffered in a motorbike accident years before meant he was not fully aware of what he was doing.

Harding then walked out of the house and did not return, disposing of the methylated spirits bottle in what Crown Prosecutor Pat Barrett described as a "feeble attempt" to hide his involvement in the crime.

"His ability to exercise self control, to consider the likely consequences of his actions and to appreciate the seriousness of his conduct, would all have been affected by the alcohol in addition to the brain damage that he undoubtedly has," Mr Wilson said.

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Iphone Case Prada

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Iphone Case Prada

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But a judge told the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday that David Allan Harding is unlikely to be jailed for life because of his early plea of guilty to the crime.

Harding's defence barrister, Richard Wilson, Prada Bags For Men

Iphone Case Prada

He submitted that it was open to Justice Garling to find that Harding should be sentenced to life.

But Mr Barrett said the deliberate nature of the act indicated Harding knew what he was doing. He also said the crime was rendered more serious by the fact that Ms Anthony had trusted her killer.

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´╗┐Man burnt disabled girlfriend alive in

Iphone Case Prada

Iphone Case Prada

A country NSW man murdered his wheelchair bound girlfriend by setting her on fire after he flew into "a jealous rage" during an argument about another man, a court has heard.

"Yes, it would be appropriate to find that it happened in the context of an argument of jealousy and after both had been drinking heavily," Mr Wilson replied.

This was due, in part, to the offender's early guilty plea.

Iphone Case Prada

Iphone Case Prada

Iphone Case Prada

Ambulance officers arrived soon after, but Ms Anthony's injuries burns to Iphone Case Prada 40 per cent of her body proved too great. The 50 year old was at Sydney airport, en route to the burns unit at Concord Hospital, when she went into cardiac arrest.

"The deposing of trust in a person who was a close friend is a more significant because of the level of her disability," he said.

But Justice Garling said while he had not made up his mind, he did not think the crime fell into this category.

Christine Anthony, 50, who suffered from a severe disability from a young age, was doused with methylated spirits and set alight by Harding in February 2011 in her Narromine home.

told the court that the crime had taken place during an argument between the couple over another man who was coming to stay with Ms Anthony.

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Iphone Case Prada

"This was a woman who was severely disabled. She couldn't in any way defend herself from an assault."

Harding will be sentenced on Thursday afternoon.

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Iphone Case Prada

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Iphone Case Prada

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